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    3 Principles that Allow Your Internal IT Team to Thrive

    Jun 10, 2020 8:00:00 AM Keeran Networks IT Alignment, Outsource IT

    IT demands have skyrocketed since the onset of Covid-19, often completely overwhelming the capacity of existing teams that typically operate with maximum productivity. Setting up employees to work from home has many technical and security hurdles. Stacking that task on top of regular maintenance and support activities left IT departments grasping at straws, forcing some to deploy insecure workarounds to try and best accommodate business activity under intense time constraints. 

    Hiring IT staff is a challenging and extended process at the best of times and training them up on your systems often pulls your senior resources away from outstanding tasks they urgently need to complete. So how do you cope with these demands without breaking the bank, or breaking your employees? Cloning them is a few years away yet.

    Keeran Networks’ Co-managed IT Solutions allow you to take advantage of a large, diversely skilled IT department at a fraction of the cost of on-boarding additional staff, utilizing your current internal team where they’re needed most. With these 3 principles we free up hours in their day for crucial upgrades and put you and your employees on track for long term success.  


    Effective solutions need to be:  

    1. Repeatable – Don’t pay good money for someone to learn how to reinvent the wheel. Use available experts and established processes to achieve real efficiencies. We’re intimately familiar with the requirements to get your office staff connected safely and securely; it’s how our team has been able to operate for years. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of many options because we’ve been down the same path before.      
    2. Economical  The addition of new tools and services typically incurs high up-front fixed costs, with the intention of yielding long term dividends. In the current climate, many businesses are preparing to delay these projects in consideration of their impacts on cash-flow and the inadvisability of allocating hours of training to an already taxed internal IT team. We take advantage of economies of scale to deliver experts, tools, and resources that would otherwise be cost ineffective for an individual company to recreate. Whether monitoring the Dark Web for compromises, training your staff on proper cybersecurity practices, documenting the fixes for your ERP, or architecting a new infrastructure project, we put a wide array of experts and best practices at your beck and call to deliver solutions quickly and easily. 
    3. Flexible – Current levels of uncertainty make predicting the path you’ll take in the next six months, and where you’re going to stand at the end of it, nigh impossible. Any rigid plans are bound to break as the situation changes, so you need not only solutions that can adapt, but support that can do so as well. Our service tracks seamlessly complement your business, through ups and downs, allowing your company to stay agile. We have no long term or punitive contracts that restrict your options and force you down a narrow pathRetaining that flexibility allows you to still execute on vital IT projects without having deal with the challenges and costs of recruiting permanent employees.    

    Keeran Networks is here to help – with several one-time offers for new customers. If you want to find out why so many local businesses have trusted Keeran Networks to supplement their IT departments in the past 20 years, fill in the form, or reach out to us toll free at1 (877) 953-3726. We'll be happy to schedule a call to learn more about how we might support you best.

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