4 Practical Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

    Aug 15, 2019 11:00:00 AM Keeran Networks Cloud for small business

    Cloud technology has matured over the years and businesses are leveraging great benefits from the cloud. Be it better access to business data and applications at any location, anytime and from any device or increased collaboration, sustainability and business continuity, cloud solutions are just for businesses of every scale.

    While, it entirely depends on you, if you want to commit to the cloud or not, however, in our understanding, small businesses can especially benefit from cloud computing.

    More importantly, you can now access technologies that were previously out your reach and compete with both smaller and larger firms.

    As cloud solutions are being adopted rampantly, many traditional software vendors have moved their products to the cloud instead of offering desktop software. This gives a much more inexpensive, online subscription-based solution to the small businesses and freelancers.

    Let’s Analyze Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

    More Cost-effective than Traditional Services

    Cloud computing not only saves a lot of hassle but help in saving a lot of money too. Here are some of the things you stop paying for once you upgrade to cloud computing:

    • Software installations and upgrades – Most files are easily installed and managed.
    • Maintenance of service and applications – It is the responsibility of vendors, not yours.
    • Additional Applications – You can consolidate separate application needs into one multi-application cloud service

    If you are worried about the initial cost of switching to the cloud, consider the ROI you can generate as you save time and improve productivity. Most services are pay as you go, and you pay just for what your prerequisites. Even data storage is available on how much space you need.

    Increase Flexibility and Collaboration

    One of the most significant benefits of cloud computing is flexibility. No matter what your unique needs are, you’ll probably find a cloud-based app that can help you get things done more efficiently.

    For example, Shopify can help with inventory management, point-of-sale, order tracking in a single application. There are other collaboration tools like GSuite, which give your team the flexibility to log in and work together from just anywhere they are.

    These kinds of cloud applications give your business the requisite flexibility and help solve business process problems quickly as and when they arise by adding new tools.

    Add Scalability to your Business

    All small businesses want to grow quickly. But the problem with that is you may outpace your infrastructure. As a result, you’ll have a problem with everything from making rights hires to delivering the right products to new customers.

    Cloud computing can help you scale your customer service by providing cloud-based solutions that not only solve your present need but also keep pace with your growth and get things lined up for the future. Cloud gives you the flexibility and capacity to reinvent solutions as per your needs.

    You can create a plan for growth that utilizes a cloud without a significant investment. Start your cloud usage slowly and gradually increase over time and pay only for the services that you access.

    Increase Resilience and Reduce Risks

    Planning for a crisis is the last thing on mind for small businesses. Almost 75% of small business owners don’t have the plan to combat any kind of disaster.

    As a result, most small businesses are not able to recover back, shut down or take long to recover in the event of a disaster. In this scenario, moving your data and business processes to the cloud is the key. Cloud provides the redundancies you need to keep your processes running when disaster strikes.

    Having cloud storage offsite means, you can find the information you need even if you can’t physically the access your own device.

    Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) uses cloud resources to safeguard and protect applications from disruption and data loss.

    In summary, cloud computing offers a significant number of benefits to small businesses. It has helped small businesses level the playing field and gave them a chance to compete globally. It is a lot easier and faster to sign up for cloud services, getting it installed and running.

    Collaborate with Keeran Networks and understand how we can provide the complete integration of enterprise cloud services from infrastructure right through to software and support.

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