5 Reasons to Get Your Network Assessed

    Jun 21, 2018 11:46:11 AM Keeran Networks IT Services


    Just like a vehicle, a property or almost any valuable investment, it is important to have your network professionally inspected on a regular basis. Unless you are an expert with unlimited free time, network assessment is complex and time-consuming — which is why we here at Keeran Networks are happy to help. Not convinced? Keep reading for our top five reasons to get your network assessed.


    Whether you outsource your network or maintain it in-house, your data and workflow may be vulnerable to outside threats. Keeran Networks’ network assessment services can help identify any existing gaps in your defenses, as well as prevent future weaknesses. Experienced information technology professionals know that all of the security in the world is only as good as its latest update. Maintain your edge on predatory malware and hackers with regular network assessments.


    A network can work reliably for what you or your clients do every day, but the worst time for you to realize it cannot handle a heavy load is when you need it most. Regular network assessment can predict and avoid slowdowns or the worst-case scenario: a total system crash. The aforementioned issues can easily cause data loss — along with a dip in productivity, your network cannot afford to be bottlenecked. Keeran’s IT pros will make sure your information superhighway is and will be running at Autobahn speeds.


    In the modern world, there is a new resource that many of us value more than anything: data. Of course, data is only valuable to the people that want it — that is why it falls to the data’s owner to back it up responsibly. Having your network assessed professionally not only ensures your data is backed up, but it can also prevent common mistakes and streamline the entire process.


    Once you have peace of mind that your data is being handled and protected responsibly, your attention can focus on more important things. One such aspect is who can and who is accessing your network — Keeran can establish secure controls, as well as background monitoring software that can detect unwanted users without being detected. Our network assessment can be a fresh start for your network’s ease of access.


    Once launched, a network can run smoothly for an indefinite amount of time — but you still may not be getting the most out of it! Keeran Networks’ techs are up-to-date on the latest industry standards and they are ready to reduce your redundancies. Do not let your network stagnate. Seek out new solutions with a network assessment.

    The above five reasons are only a few of the many ways Keeran Networks assessment services can help you and your information technology. For this and many more IT solutions, contact or visit us today!

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