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    Beyond Break-and-Fix: The Many Responsibilities of IT Professionals


    In many organizations, the IT department is invisible until something goes wrong. Calls are made, tickets are logged, and the question “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” is thrown around like episode of The IT Crowd.

    But fixing computer-related problems and updating software is just the tip of the iceberg. In today’s world, the IT department must juggle several important responsibilities that provide both the security and the level of functionality required by modern businesses.

    Read on to learn more about the behind-the-scenes responsibilities IT is expected to deal with on a daily basis. The next time you’re tempted to vent in the group chat about yet another network outage, you might want to ask yourself if it’s because they could use a bit more help.

    Have you Reconsidered Cybersecurity for your Small Business?

    Cybersecurity Hacker

    Organizations often believe their data is safe, but frequently are unaware of potential vulnerabilities that can leave them open to attacks. And recent studies reveal wildly differing views between executives and IT professionals in organizations on the effectiveness of their cybersecurity practices and policies.

    Is now the time to re-examine how well your organization is protected against a cyberattack? It may just help you avoid the considerable financial consequences of losing data, time, clients, and your reputation.

    Three Common Misconceptions about Hiring an MSP

    Hiring an MSP

    Business owners might think that their IT infrastructure is complex, which might be the case for larger organizations; however, in the case of small and midsize businesses (SMB), this is rare.

    Most businesses rely on reliable technology and devices to empower their employees to get their work done. The core technology that many of these organizations use is very similar. These core technologies are scalable and offer businesses a stable network, reliable devices, and secure infrastructure. Therefore, it’s imperative that companies consider whether their functional IT infrastructure setup has been exposed to Ransomware or other security threats.

    Benefits of Outsourcing IT through Managed Services

    Outsourcing IT to boost core objectives

    Aligning your IT department with the key objectives of your company requires dedication, good infrastructure, and skilled professionals. In keeping an internal IT structure, you can spend a lot of money and, sometimes, outsourcing your IT will be the most cost-effective solution. That’s because outsourcing your IT allows you to focus on improvements, as well as your core business objectives.

    Best Practices for Email Protection

    Email Encryption

    Anyone who works in today's workplace understands the importance of cybersecurity. However, when you work with sensitive information like medical records, legal documents, or government information, encryption strategies are necessary, so you can keep your data secure.

    Master Data Management with Keeran Networks

    data management

    Information management is a critical component of the IT infrastructure of a dental practice. Understanding the importance of properly managing your patient data is a key part of mastering data management. For this reason, we wanted to discuss how backup and disaster recovery services from Keeran Networks are integral to a healthy IT infrastructure.

    Does Your Company Need Managed IT Support?

    start-up-business-team-PT5KD3W (1)

    4 Questions to Ask If You’re Wondering to onboard Managed IT Support

    Technology is necessary for companies that want to thrive in modern business.

    Does your Law Firm have a Data Breach Response Plan in Place?

    lawyer cyber security

    Law firms are known for storing private and important documents for their clients, so it makes sense that they should be properly equipped in case of a data breach.

    Top 5 Common Business Problems Solved by Outsourcing Your IT Support

    As IT becomes more complex, outsourcing your IT support can solve numerous problems that your team faces day-to-day.