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    Check Your Business Cyber Score for Free

    Dec 7, 2021 7:15:00 AM Keeran Networks IT Services

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    Knowing your cyber security risks can help to prepare for and even prevent cyber attacks. The Cyber Score assessment tool is free to use and does not collect any business data.
    Our partners in cyber security loss prevention at Armour Insurance have prepared an easy-to-use tool. The Cyber Score can highlight some areas of potential improvement within your IT infrastructure.

    Applying some simple changes can better secure your valuable business data. Stay informed and get secured before a cybercriminal stumbles across a vulnerability.

    Check Your Business Cyber Score for Free here

    If you have answered no to any of these preparedness questions, we can help secure your business.

    If you need insurance to protect your assets, we recommend Armour Insurance.

    Stay safe out there, everyone.


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    Written by Keeran Networks