Does Your Company Need Managed IT Support?

    Aug 17, 2018 3:15:07 PM kuser1423 IT Services, IT Support

    4 Questions to Ask If You’re Wondering to onboard Managed IT Support

    Technology is necessary for companies that want to thrive in modern business.

    Today, anyone with a cell phone can get internet access from anywhere, at any time they want. Because of the growing immediacy of technology, businesses have had to learn how to keep up with the changes.

    Finding accessible and scalable solutions that don't require a massive financial investment is one of the biggest challenges for businesses. It's hard to find an affordable and proactive partner that can answer their questions and help them reach their full IT potential – not just someone to reach out to in cases of emergency.

    Business owners need a managed services provider they can trust; one that is always in their corner, no matter the time of day; one that will let them focus on what’s important; one that understands technological advancements and the ways that it has improved the ways we stay in touch, the way we collaborate, and the way we work. Being able to hold meetings on our way to catch a flight is now commonplace.

    Everywhere can be your workplace.

    Businesses must understand how technology affects the ways in which they operate and if they don’t, they need an IT service provider who does.

    Figuring out whether you need IT services should be straightforward. Investing in technology should bring results, so you should ask yourself the following four questions to see if your organisation needs IT support.

    • Do you have the expertise and knowledge to handle the situation on your own? Sometimes the problem is easily solvable; however, there are instances when you might need to turn to someone with the experience to help you. Say the system is out, the internet link fails, or the company is without telephone service. Would you be able to troubleshoot or solve this issue on your own? In addition to the impact each of these instances brings, if you have no one to turn to or ask for help, it can be overwhelming. Having an IT managed services provider in your corner 24/365 would take some of that pressure off you.
    • Are you equipped to handle cybersecurity leaks, virus attacks, phishing scams, spam and security breaches? Every one of these security issues are possible security issues in IT. In addition to creating unnecessary pauses and stops in your operations, they could threaten your reputation with your clients. Knowing that you can trust your managed services provider to handle any and all security issues so you won’t have to is a welcome relief.
    • Has your team suffered any consequences because of the cybersecurity issues listed above? Cybersecurity and connectivity issues impact productivity, thereby wasting time and potential. Slow network connections or faulty equipment cause lulls in performance. Hiring the IT support you need will make these lags in productivity a thing of the past.
    • Do your employees need to stop their activities and tasks because of issues with IT? Installing new software, printers, or needing to call IT support to report problems can affect employee focus. Being able to call your IT managed services provider whenever an issue comes up diminishes the instances of improper installation or having to waste time to solve IT problems yourself.

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    Acquiring, deploying and managing complex IT resources can be a challenge. Through outsourcing, the project manager can direct the resources to the core business. With people to take care of the company's equipment, business leaders can optimize their time, thereby reducing redundant activities, increasing the profitability of the company.

    Count on Keeran Networks for your company to enjoy the best services and solutions available, without spending unnecessarily. We have the expertise you need to maintain all your operations in perfect continuity.

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