How to Reduce Business Costs with Managed IT Services

    Feb 28, 2019 9:43:03 AM Keeran Networks Cybersecurity, IT Services, IT Support

    Most businesses have the goal of generating profitable revenue growth, and dedicate much of their time and focus to this endeavour. However, it is equally important to focus on controlling costs – without constant vigilance, companies will find themselves struggling to compete under the weight of unnecessary overhead.

    And when you consider how central technology is to today’s business operations, IT becomes a much bigger expense than initially anticipated. So why would a business want to take on a new expense by hiring a Managed Service Provider? Because it’s one of the business decisions that can actually save you more than you spend.

    For those not entirely familiar with Managed IT Services, it’s the practice of outsourcing certain IT processes and functions, such as infrastructure design and implementation, hardware and software procurement, network support, help desk services, cloud hosting, and more.

    So how does paying someone else to handle this save your organization money? That’s a good question – and here are some answers for you to consider.

    Maintain Resources by Reducing Capital Expenditures and Related Overhead

    Trying to acquire all the necessary in-house hardware to support your business needs can expensive quickly, plus you’ll incur additional costs related to the salaries and benefits of the employees needed to operate and support the hardware – assuming you can find ones with the necessary experience.

     A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide you access to hardware, software, and the required support for a fixed monthly cost that is much easier to manage than large up-front payments and salaries.

    Reduce Training and Onboarding Costs

    Internal IT staff will need extra training – along with the cost of providing it – to be kept up to speed with new developments and technologies being deployed. An MSP can provide you with industry experts who possess a broad range of experience and expertise, saving your organization time and money.

    Focus More on Core Business Projects

    A competent Managed IT Service Provider will ensure your business network is reliable and secure, freeing up your internal team from monitoring and maintenance. This creates the opportunity for them to finally pursue projects designed to move your business forward, rather than being tethered to the status quo.

    Minimize Downtime

    When business relies on connectivity, a network outage can bring everything to a halt. And when time is money, the losses can add up quickly. MSPs can provide you with proactive network monitoring to considerably reduce the risk of downtime, and also provide you with the expertise and tools to get you back up and running quickly should something go wrong.

    Safeguard your Reputation with Increased Security and a Disaster Recovery Plan

    In today’s world, cybersecurity threats are evolving fast. An MSP provides you with the security expertise, tools, and monitoring necessary to protect your data, systems, and credibility. Coupled with a data backup and disaster recovery plan, your business will be better equipped to bounce back should it suffer a worst-case scenario.

    Scalability Makes it Affordable to  Adapt to Changing Needs

    With the pace of technological change, it’s becoming harder to plan for the tools and capacity you may need in the future. And you don’t want to be paying for underused assets. A Managed Service Provider can provide you a network that meets your current needs while remaining ready for quick future growth.


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