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    Is It Time for a Closer Look?

    Aug 24, 2021 10:19:00 AM Keeran Networks Business IT

    Does what you're spending match what you're getting for service and support? During this time of economic uncertainty, your IT budget demands a closer look.

    Here's a checklist of the current standards for IT service providers in 2021. If you have checked some of the boxes, wonderful, it sounds like your IT provider is doing ok, but if you want a truly "good" IT experience, talk to our team.

    Don't accept "That's just the way it is."
    If someone could prove to you that tens of thousands of dollars were leaking out of your company, year after year, while its foundation was being eroded out from under your very feet, wouldn't you want to hear them out?

    Catch Problems Early
    Don't leave a leak! Tightening operations can save you thousands of dollars AND protect you from potentially devastating future costs. On the surface we probably appear to be "just another" IT company, and as you probably noticed last time you had to choose a provider, from the outside all IT companies pretty much look exactly the same. They offer you the same kind of services. Some are big, and some are small but which is RIGHT?

    It can feel impossible to evaluate any of them without having to just take the plunge and go with whoever put together the best marketing material or the lowest bid. Neither typically corresponds to the best value for your company. You've probably had to do this at least once already, right? We don't think that's fair to you.

    We're so confident in our ability to demonstrate how you're being underserved that we guarantee it. Our strategy-first approach will allow us to discover space for new efficiencies in your network that we'll invest a full day of our tech's time for ZERO dollars.

    We'll walk into a completely unfamiliar environment and get to know it better than the people who support it now. If we can't bring a better solution to you than your current techs have recommended already, something that fits with your vision of the future and bridges the gap between there and where you are today, then we lose.

    Take the free documentation we'll have done, hand it over to whoever could benefit the most from it, and we'll go back home and have a hard look in the mirror. It's that simple.

    Think you need a new IT partner with different skills?
    Keeran Networks makes the process easy; it all starts with just a call and a conversation.
    Mastering old technology isn't good enough. Don't let your competitors get ahead simply by utilizing newer technology.

    It's your time and money on the line.
    Here are a few of the main ways we've found money leaking out of organizations

    #1) Chronic IT "Glitches" and Downtime
    As the saying goes, "Overhead walks on two legs." These interruptions create unproductive, distracted workers that can't contribute as well to your profitability. Soon you've got missed deadlines, and increased prevalence of mistakes, and overall low morale.

    Fail to provide an environment free of disruption, where goals can actually be achieved, and your top performers will be easily picked off by your competition. All you'll be left with are the people happy to spend an hour playing on their phone because their computer is "down again."

    All this is often hidden from a CEO until it finally starts bubbling over and creating a huge mess. They are surprised to find out that their employees are facing chronic IT problems that get in the way of serving their clients, closing sales, and doing their job. Whether it's re-doing work that they had already spent hours on, twiddling their thumbs as their computer runs a massive update, or walking back and forth to the copier trying to get their report to print, it's all time NOT doing what their job entails.

    These hours all add up, day by day, month by month, and they should be taken into consideration when you look at what the TRUE COST of your IT infrastructure is. Win those hours back with a company that understands the total cost of ownership.

    #2) "Maverick", Undisciplined Spending, and Poor Planning
    Having audited a hundred companies by now, we can tell you that too often what we find is a jumble of hastily slapped together fixes that seem to be teetering right on the edge of disaster. Nothing matches, the system is awash in inefficiencies (Network bottlenecks, with switches running into switches,
    Over time, pieces get added like expensive band-aids without ever properly addressing the root cause. Our approach is to step back, envision your ideal network, one that maximizes productivity and efficiency, and security, and put you on the path to that.

    #3) Grossly Inadequate Cyber-Security Protections
    When a cyber-attack happens the financial impact can be challenging to quantify. First, there's the instant loss of productivity as resources have to be dedicated to halting the attack and trying to clean up whatever mess it has caused. If you're lucky, most of your staff are still able to work, but with some features limited. If you're unlucky you may be shut down entirely, unable to fulfill your promises to your clients or customers, watching deadlines tick ever closer. Cyber-criminals bank on your time being worth money, which is why ransomware remains ever-popular, squeezing $11.5 Billion out of the global economy in 2019 from businesses big and small.

    Next, you have to consider not just the time lost during the attack, but the damage to your reputation, the potential lawsuits, and the time spent with the auditors satisfying the government. Don't forget, reporting data breaches to the Privacy Commissioner is mandatory now. This is all stuff that ultimately winds up directly on YOUR desk for YOU to deal with, and it's the worst way for you to be forced to spend YOUR TIME.

    Even if this is all stuff you understand theoretically it can be easy to brush aside because it hasn't burned you so far, so it probably won't happen to you tomorrow either, right? You've got other problems to handle. But a ticking time bomb needs to be addressed BEFORE it goes off. Don't count on some action hero to save you with one second left on the timer; take a look, and deal with it now.

    Put yourself on a path to achieving your business goals.

    Whoever you decide to help you make your move to the Cloud, make sure they have a demonstrated history of completing and supporting their projects successfully. We've been called in to migrate dozens of networks, and half the time we're cleaning up a botched attempt by a confident rookie who thought they could figure it out as they went along. General knowledge, guts, and good fortune don't make for a satisfactory strategy. Experience, detailed planning, and adaptability do.

    The journey starts here. Put yourself on a path to achieving your business goals.

    You know there's a strategic opportunity in taking advantage of the Cloud, but you can't make it all happen on your own. Don't struggle like others have, spending years wrestling back and forth with reluctant techs. You need someone who can deliver a plan tailored to your company, with real timelines, and measures of success along the way.

    Our KeeranCloud Readiness Assessment allows us to compile all of the relevant information into a high-value, business-centric executive summary that equips you to take action.

    Take the first steps today. We will contact you for your first no-obligation IT consultation.

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