Are the Most Common IT Disasters on your Radar?

    Nov 8, 2019 11:00:00 AM Keeran Networks IT Disasters, IT Surveillance

    Your business can recover from physical damage to real estate in a short time. But the data lost in damaged drives and servers can threaten the entire existence of your business. Is your recovery plan enough to get your business up and running against all — small and big IT disasters?

    Tragedies can strike at any time point of time in business. In this era, technology — and the information it holds represents your biggest vulnerability.  

    Most businesses think that they have a competent IT plan to protect against emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, fires. However, it doesn’t always take a huge unforeseen event to squander your business. A small lapse in the environment and you can lose data instantly and permanently.  

    Let’s show how some common IT emergencies can fatally harm your business continuity if you aren’t prepared.  

    Phishing and Hacking  

    From stolen identities to ransomware — the one thing that is common in all kinds of phishing and hacking attacks is that they are unpredictable. While your team is busy in its day-to-day operation, a hacker will find its way into your website or bank account.  

    Some companies like law firms, healthcare, accounting, government institutions are constantly targeted by hackers — mainly because these organizations possess sensitive and personal information about their clients.  

    For any company, prevention is the key and the most critical step to save the business from any cyberattack.  

    Think about setting up the right software, firewalls — and, continuously check for vulnerabilities to improve your safety environment. Also, educating and updating your team about the most current safety practices is extremely crucial. An aware employee is a better defense against cyber risks.  

    Employee Theft 

    Businesses are generally very conscious when hiring employees. And, when you finally hire someone, you want to give them the best tools to succeed.  

    However, despite the various precautions by companies during the hiring and onboarding process, hundreds of businesses in Canada lose billions of dollars to employee theft every year.  

    We know these crimes are becoming more technologically savvy. But a simple way to fend off these kinds of losses is by restricting access to sensitive hardware and data.  

    Moreover, you can put protections in place to make it difficult for unauthorized people to get access to important files. In addition, you can even manage security permissions in real-time. All these efforts will restrict the flow of information when a staff member is released from his/her service.  

    Equipment Damage

    Any disaster like floods, fire or earthquake can physically damage your computers, phones, and other pieces of hardware. In fact, power surges caused by dust storms, heat buildup, etc. can also harm your equipment as well.  

    By engaging an IT provider, you can monitor your systems 24/7 against these possibilities.  

    A right IT provider guards you against these possibilities by monitoring your systems 24/7. Also, your IT provider can tour your facilities, assist with installation, and put the right safeguards in place. And help your team to offer different warranties and protection plans, so your business is always working, even if you lose access to the equipment you rely on every day.   

    Is Your Business Protected? 

    At Keeran Networks, we provide our clients with friendly and responsive help desk service as well as prepare them for the present and future IT challenges. This includes complete backup and disaster recovery plans. If you want to know how our team can help your company to protect against unknown threats, natural disasters, and everyday emergencies, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your queries.  

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