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    Master Data Management with Keeran Networks

    Aug 24, 2018 3:01:57 PM kuser1423 Master Data Management

    Information management is a critical component of the IT infrastructure of a dental practice. Understanding the importance of properly managing your patient data is a key part of mastering data management. For this reason, we wanted to discuss how backup and disaster recovery services from Keeran Networks are integral to a healthy IT infrastructure.

    In the event of an outage, you need to be confident that your organisation will be back online quickly.

    The inability to access data is a serious issue when you are dealing with sensitive patient information. Dental practices, like other organisations, constantly face the threat of data breaches, ransomware attacks, and even natural disasters, which could make it impossible for dentists to access the data they need in order to treat their patients.

    Health information management includes data collection, data access, data retention, as well as the disposition of patient health information. That's  why dental practices must always be ready for the potential of a cyberattack or natural disaster.

    Dodging a potential disaster includes having a solid remote data backup plan, a well-executed data recovery solution, and a thorough contingency plan in the event of a cyberattack or natural disaster. This can make a real difference between a major crippling event and avoiding a disaster.

    It’s not a question of whether or not a data recovery solution will be necessary, but when that need will arise.

    Backup and disaster recovery is a critical operation; organisations must, therefore, integrate current and speedy solutions to ensure that they can access their data at any time. So in the event of data loss, the downtime is low in comparison to how quick the uptime is. 

    Managed services providers should understand the difference between data backup and data recoverability. Often there is a misunderstanding that these two are synonymous when they are not.

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    To understand these concepts, you need to understand what each of them does. Data backup is when you copy data to a separate location to ensure that this information exists someplace else. Data recovery is when you retrieve that backed up data to restore it and use it.

    To make sure that services in your dental practice are never interrupted during an attack, your business will need a recovery solution that will allow it to be back up and running quickly to prevent further damage from a cyber breach or attack.

    Organisations must maintain current, flexible, and quick solutions to keep their data accessible at all times. That's why backup and recovery is such a critical component of your data plan. Dental offices, especially, need to develop a complete disaster recovery plan to ensure data access for end-users. How can they prepare themselves to the multitude of cybersecurity threats they face?

    1. Before you purchase IT solutions, your dental office must decide which tools to implement and whether or not staff training is required so they can guarantee that their uptime is quick. After all, you want to ensure quick reaction times whenever there is an impedance to accessing your data. 
    2. You need to decide what backup source you will be relying on. Will you use cloud-based data storage or something you can physically access? With the ease of cloud-managed IT storage, you could access your data from literally anywhere, whenever you choose. 

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    The IT infrastructure of a dentist's office is important, but health information management is especially critical to a dental practice’s success. Understanding the importance of properly managing your patient data is a key part of mastering data management. 

    At Keeran Networks, we give you the tools and support you need to weather any storm with our KeeranProtect backup and disaster recovery services.

    The virtual disaster recovery plan we implement helps your business keep running as normal.

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