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    You Run A Modern Business. Why Doesn't It Run On Modern Technology?

    Jul 13, 2021 12:48:28 PM Keeran Networks IT Services

    Your IT should be a boost, not a burden.

    The company you’ve built is agile and adaptive, ready to meet any challenge no matter what your competitors or the world can throw at you. With each step towards your business goals, your IT has been there, and if you’re like too many other businesses, it has felt like a sack of bricks you’ve been forced to carry each moment along the way. You know you need it, but why does it have to be so cumbersome?

    Don't accept "That's just the way it is."
    The right IT partner can get you better technology, without the baggage.

    It’s not a line you’d take from anyone else, but too many people in IT seem to still get away with it. You look around and see architects, engineers, lawyers, manufacturers, all making the change, and benefiting, and wonder "Why not me?" They never seem to quite explain to your satisfaction, but what can you do, you're not that techy. There must be something about your organization that just won't let it work. The issue isn't with your company, it's with your support provider. Don't let them get too comfortable with an outdated "Status Quo".

    Great options for businesses get left on the cutting room floor simply because support teams don’t know how to deal with them. When the choice is to tell you that they’re not right for the job, or the technology isn’t right for the job, it’s an easy decision for them. “I think you should stick with what you’ve got, cloud isn’t for you.”

    Excuses abound about how it’s too slow, it’s expensive, or it’s unreliable.

    It’s bad when you set it up wrong. So don’t let it be set up wrong…

    Ask your current provider about their history and their track record. Have they carried out any cloud migrations? Are they certified to design a cloud network? If not any reservations may be for their own sake, not yours.

    Think you need a new partner with a different set of skills?

    Keeran Networks makes the process easy; it all starts with just a call and a conversation. Mastering old technology, isn't good enough. Don't let your competitors get ahead simply by utilizing newer technology.

    What has "always worked in the past" doesn't hold up for long in the intensely competitive business environment you face every day. No matter how good the driver, no one wins an F1 race behind the wheel of a horse and carriage.

    So how do you get into the cloud?

    As much as we are fans, the process of migrating there is not a simple task for just anyone to undertake. Even with the theoretical background obtained through certification, and the training our solution architects receive at Microsoft's headquarters in Seattle, we understood there's ultimately no substitute for the real thing. And so, Keeran Networks began the process of our first-ever Cloud migration on ourselves. There were lots of lessons learned along the way, but now we boast our own 100% Cloud-based network.

    Since then we've been able to offer our expertise to existing clients and completely new ones. Many who came to us thought that getting onto the Cloud might be impossible, having met with nothing but deflections, delays, or disasters with their previous attempts.

    It's your time and money on the line, don't let someone experiment with it.
    Whoever you decide to help you make your move to the Cloud, make sure they have a demonstrated history of completing and supporting their projects successfully. We've been called in to migrate dozens of networks, and half the time we're cleaning up a botched attempt by a confident rookie who thought they could figure it out as they went along. General knowledge, guts, and good fortune don't make for a satisfactory strategy. Experience, detailed planning, and adaptability do.

    Put yourself on a path to achieving your business goals.
    We've been down this road before, let us show you the way.

    You know there's a strategic opportunity in taking advantage of the Cloud, but you can't make it all happen on your own. Don't struggle like others have, spending years wrestling back and forth with reluctant techs. You need someone who can deliver a plan tailored to your company, with real timelines, and measures of success along the way.

    Our KeeranCloud Readiness Assessment allows us to compile all of the relevant information into a high value, business-centric executive summary that equips you to take action.

    In the words of Edison, vision without execution is just a hallucination. Take the next step towards a true transformation, talk to the expert guides at Keeran Networks

    The journey starts here.
    Take the first steps today. 

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    Written by Keeran Networks