Network Security and Compliance Myths Debunked

    Feb 27, 2018 9:10:00 AM Keeran Networks Security

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    Businesses today are faced with a multitude of issues. There are tons of regulations and compliance standards that must be adhered to, IT infrastructure is constantly evolving, and data breaches are becoming more and more successful. In 2017 alone, over 1 billion account records were lost in data breaches, which is an equivalent to 15% of the world's population.

    IT security providers and businesses alike are constantly searching for solutions to these issues while trying to keep up with regulatory and business compliance.

    So, we want to make sure you're not focusing on the wrong problems and issues because myths tend to float around and detour plans. Here are some network security and compliance myths you should ignore.

    Myths about Compliance and Network Security

    Myth #1 Real-Time Visibility Isn't Possible: To stay ahead of cyber attacks and other malicious activity, businesses need real-time visibility that gives them insight into the workings of their IT infrastructure. With regulatory changes coming rapidly, IT and compliance teams need to be able to access data across the entire network.

    To get real-time visibility, invest in a security solution that automates data from different sources. Once you achieve that, then you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance and its regulators.

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    Myth #2 It's Better to Block Access: Unauthorized users can cause trouble in networks, so it isn't uncommon for IT administrators to block access rather than permit it. However, this approach can mangle your security posture. This default practice often comes at the expense of business needs and requirements.

    To protect a business, you need access and policy controls. However, reducing access to nothing can be damaging, so you need to find the perfect balance. You don't need to withhold access to important assets and network information, but you don't need to open the floodgates, either. What you need to do is create network policies that are adaptable to business needs.

    Myth #3 Compliance is Only Rules and Access: Yes, rules and access controls are an integral part of maintaining protection, but there's so much more to compliance and network security. They're ever changing and so need to be assessed continuously in real time. Hiding mistakes behind the restrictions of rules and policies won't help anyone.

    Companies can overcome this way of thinking through direct and real-time log analysis of what is currently happening at the moment. To validate your security and compliance measures, policies and access control is needed, but so is analysis.

    Myth #4 Compliance is only Needed for Audits: Networks are constantly evolving, and so are new standards for compliance, but compliance can only be achieved when data is analyzed. From that data, compliance adjustments can be made to reduce risk.

    When you restrict network access and controls, it reassures auditors that your business is proactive. However, without log analysis, there's no way to verify if compliance has been met.  

    Now you know the real story of these myths and why they are false. From here, you should have a better understanding of what IT and compliance areas you should be focusing on.

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