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    Cloud Computing: Explained


    Curious or confused by people talking about “the cloud?” Do you know what it is, but unsure how it works? Keep reading for Keeran Networks’ crash course in cloud computing!

    Threat Detection for Cloud: How to detect Incoming Threats?

    Jan 30. cloud threats.jpg

    Cloud models offer a lot to businesses: you can back up your files, improve efficiency, and increase collaboration and flexibility to name a few. Clouds are the new normal, and they're well on their way to becoming the dominant model for IT.

    How To Switch Your Company To Cloud Computing

    Switching some (or all) of your business functions to the cloud is an increasingly popular trend thanks to the increase in flexibility, security and scalability that cloud solutions offer. While these services seem great in theory, the implementation and execution of them can easily overwhelm even the most tech-savvy business owner. Read on for Keeran Network’s tips on how to start moving your company to the cloud.