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    How These Industries Are Growing with Cloud Computing Services

    • Banking, Retail & Manufacturing are the prime industries witnessing Cloud-intensive boom.
    • Cloud Computing services have simplified workflows, bringing more transparency and scalability. 
    • With strategic assessments and insights, cloud computing services provide a practical perspective to businesses helping them increase their operational efficiency.

    Simplify Network Management with Cisco Meraki


    Many growing businesses rely on Wi-Fi for a number of reasons – flexible network coverage, the ease of adding new users and devices, and the ability to quickly get a signal live when moving to a new location.

    As today’s workplace increasingly moves to mobile devices (chiefly laptops, phones, and tablets), many workers no longer access the internet through a workstation connected to the network with an ethernet cable.

    So with Wi-Fi becoming the primary business network, it’s important that your solution is scalable, secure, and simple to deploy. A hodge-podge system of Wi-Fi routers might work for very small businesses, but you’ll soon realize the limitations when you start to take on more staff and more technology.

    And this is where Cisco Meraki can help.

    Private vs. Public Cloud Service for Your Business

    Cloud Servers

    Cloud computing, and the cloud SaaS platform has matured enough to the point where most businesses can see the appeal and potential – as most owners and employees alike have probably used consumer cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive in their personal life.

    However, when a business is deciding to deploy to the cloud, there is a choice that often comes up: whether to choose a public or private cloud service. Each option has benefits and drawbacks and it’s important to understand these before you commit.

    What is Cloud Management?

    cloud management

    You must understand what cloud computing is before you can understand cloud management.