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    Three Essential (Human) Considerations for Workplace Cybersecurity

    Workplace Cybersecurity Human

    When your workplace manages sensitive data – either your own, or that of your clients – it’s important to ensure you develop and implement an effective information security program.

    Tips to Secure Mobile Access for Your Employees

    BYOD Cafe

    Whether you’re providing company laptops and mobile devices or implementing a BYOD policy to improve flexibility and mobility, it’s important that you consider how to protect your data and IT infrastructure when the devices accessing your network are not entirely in your control.

    AI and Data Protection in 2019

    AI Robot Chess

    The amount of personal and business data being uploaded into the digital universe continues to expand at a sta­ggering rate; a recent study by IDC estimated that the total amount of digital data will reach 40 ZB by 2020.

    What is a zettabyte? If a kilobyte (kB) is nominally 1000 bytes, a zettabyte is 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes. Or 10007 bytes. Or 1021 bytes. You get the idea. Either way you look at it, that’s a lot of cat pictures on Instagram, and a lot of critical data that will needs protection.

    With new privacy regulations, increasingly complex cyberattacks, and the adoption of cloud-based disaster recover strategies, we can expect to see some big changes in how we approach data protection in 2019.

    Best Practices for Email Protection

    Email Encryption

    Anyone who works in today's workplace understands the importance of cybersecurity. However, when you work with sensitive information like medical records, legal documents, or government information, encryption strategies are necessary, so you can keep your data secure.

    3 Technology Problems that Impact Business Productivity


    With a more digital workplace, it would be easy to assume that all of life’s problems would just disappear. After all, all of your employees’ files, customer information, and company details are just a few mouse clicks away. However, issues concerning technology can arise at any moment. These issues can delay employee productivity, causing unnecessary stress and can often lead to misunderstandings. Here are the three most common technology problems that impact business productivity.