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    The need for Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry


    Cybersecurity threats are continually evolving. Cybercriminals are getting smarter every day. Keeping up with these changes can be a hassle, but they must be taken seriously. Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly crucial for dental offices.

    The Future of Practice Management Software


    Dental practice owners wear many hats – dentist, business owner, entrepreneur, and sometimes even IT manager. Keeping up with all of the demands that these roles require can be exhausting.

    To make managing these everyday tasks harder, IT infrastructures are constantly advancing. One of these ever-changing areas deals with practice management software. 

    Practice management software for dental offices was once just a tool for record-keeping. However, now it is used in a much more dynamic way.

    Layered Approach to Cybersecurity for Dental Practice

    Jan 30. layered defense.jpg

    How much would it impact your dental practice if all your patient data were to suddenly disappear due to equipment failure, theft, or physical disaster? A data breach could result from one quick mouse click an employee made. Along with losing potential revenue, you'd also damage the reputation of your practice.

    How to Reduce the Operating Costs of Your Dental Practice

    Jan 16. operating costs.jpg

    It costs money to do business; it doesn’t matter if you’re a consumer or business owner. Business owners, like dentists who have their own practice, have to contend with operating costs and the constant task of managing them.

    Retain Your Dental Patients With These Tips

    Are you finding that business is slowing down a bit? With a high level of competition, dental patients can hop from one practice to another looking for the most budget-friendly services. New dental technology can help retain your patients and bring new ones through your door.

    How Dentists Can Increase Customer Retention in 2018

    One of the most important challenges for dental practice management is acquiring and retaining patients. In an overwhelmingly competitive market, patients can hop between several different dental practices looking for more budget-friendly services or dentists with specific skill sets.