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    COMPUTER PROBLEMS: Do-It-Yourself vs. Hiring Professionals


    Just like any issue around a home or business, there is a wide range of degrees of seriousness with which you can respond. From ignoring it to calling in emergency services, it is sometimes difficult to identify the severity of a problem. Thankfully, when it comes to computer problems, Keeran Networks is here to offer some friendly advice. Keep reading for our assessment on the advantages and disadvantages of doing it yourself versus calling in the pros.

    5 Reasons Why Network Assessment is Right for You


    Just like a vehicle, a property or almost any valuable investment, it is important to have your network professionally inspected on a regular basis. Unless you are an expert with unlimited free time, network assessment is complex and time-consuming — which is why we here at Keeran Networks are happy to help. Not convinced? Keep reading for our top five reasons to get your network assessed.

    Top Key Trends in Cyber Security Policy for Law Firms

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    Cybersecurity Policy for Law Firms

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