Three Common Misconceptions about Hiring an MSP

    Nov 15, 2018 3:18:02 PM kuser1423 IT Services

    Business owners might think that their IT infrastructure is complex, which might be the case for larger organizations; however, in the case of small and midsize businesses (SMB), this is rare.

    Most businesses rely on reliable technology and devices to empower their employees to get their work done. The core technology that many of these organizations use is very similar. These core technologies are scalable and offer businesses a stable network, reliable devices, and secure infrastructure. Therefore, it’s imperative that companies consider whether their functional IT infrastructure setup has been exposed to Ransomware or other security threats.

    Those businesses whose IT infrastructure has not been exposed to security threats should speak with a managed service provider (MSP) that offers IT solutions. Managed IT service providers have a significant impact on organizations; they help companies with a chaotic IT infrastructure stabilize.

    There are several myths and misconceptions about hiring an MSP.  Business owners should not let those misconceptions about IT outsourcing stop them from getting the most out of their IT solutions and infrastructure.


    Hiring an In-House IT Manager

    Business owners should have a clear understanding of what they need to outsource.  Outsourcing can save businesses much money and help to increase employee productivity.

    These owners might think they need someone to work on their IT infrastructure on-site, but that is far from the reality. Proactive MSPs use proven IT solutions, procedures, policies, and enterprise-class tools to manage their networks.  Knowing that your MSP can resolve tech issues remotely without relying on on-site support is advantageous.

    Relying on Employees with General IT Knowledge

    Technology is continuously evolving, which can cause problems for any SMB that is reliant on technology. (Isn’t everyone?) Innovations have changed the IT landscape, and IT managers cannot be specialized in every change. Stretching employees past their limits can ultimately reduce productivity and cost businesses money.

    Companies should take advantage of IT outsourcing to MSPs because they provide them with the time, resources, and support that is necessary when using new IT solutions and technology. IT specialists provide these organizations with the knowledge and expertise to understand their complex IT solutions at a fraction of the cost of having an IT specialist in-house.

    Choosing the Lowest Priced MSP

    Selecting the cheapest IT outsourcing firm or MSP does not mean that companies get the value for their money. When businesses choose an MSP that offers low prices, it can sometimes imply that the company has selected a provider whose work is subpar, and whose business operations are improper. For this reason, organizations should get in touch with MSP and take advantage of any free IT consultations or Network Assessments to see how their money will be allocated. These assessments help businesses ensure they find the right fit for their organization for the long-term.

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    It’s important to understand that a vast bulk of SMBs have specialized knowledge of their core areas of expertise such as finance, law, real estate, mining, manufacturing, or health care. These businesses have a centralized understanding of their work, but they will lack the expertise and the knowledge to excel fully at their company.

    Outsourcing IT to an MSP gives businesses core expertise in IT for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, this allows existing internal staff to focus on their area of expertise so that the company can be fruitful. They can leave the day-to-day IT operations to expert managed IT services providers.

    If your organization can find the right vendor with the skills, resources and expertise to handle the job, you should consider outsourcing your IT. As outsourcing becomes more common and accepted as part of every business's operations, it will be increasingly difficult to imagine how organizations can survive, let along prosper, without outsourcing their IT.

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