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    Why SMBs Should Outsource IT to Managed Services Provider?

    Sep 20, 2019 11:00:00 AM Keeran Networks Outsource IT, MSP for SMBs

    There was a common theory in the past that no matter the size of the organization, companies should have a small in-house IT staff to handle the company’s technology needs.

    However, as budget restrictions and focus on future expansion started overloading employee’s work, small companies were limited to one person IT team. Here the IT person managed all the servers, installed software updates, managed desktops, handled security, and ensured all peripherals were working.

    In short, one person was assumed to look after every aspect and dimension of related to technology.

    Shift to Specialized IT Teams

    Presently, businesses and market space have evolved, making progress at a much faster speed than ever assumed. This makes it impossible for smaller IT teams to survive in the technology landscape.

    As systems and IT, capabilities are growing; technology generalists are mainly becoming non-existent. And, the focus has shifted to employees with specialized skill sets.

    Not only this, there have been some significant shifts in SMB technology and practices. Businesses are emphasizing more on technology unification, strengthening of cybersecurity, and even artificial intelligence!

    As the technical complexity is augmenting, organizations are dealing with some familiar and recurring problems. Here are the three most crucial issues SMB’s have been facing lately, which makes it necessary for these organizations to outsource IT to a managed service provider:

    Building Specialized Knowledge & Expertise

    As older solutions are quickly becoming redundant; systems are frequently updated to reduce gaps and express the timelines to innovations.

    It sometimes gets overwhelming for the internal IT staff to catch up, and by the time they build experience to master the new platform, it gets replaced by more modern technology.

    In this scenario, IT employees have to continually learn and hone new skills at a level that allows the different systems to integrate into one another. However, these integrations require knowledge and experience for effective handling.

    Not Enough Effective Cybersecurity Solutions in Place

    Fighting cybercriminals is not easy. You constantly have to stay relevant and find new ways and change defenses to keep your information secure. With cybersecurity solutions, the threat landscape is also evolving to bypass technical controls.

    Consequently, IT staff have to be educated with technology solutions that not only defend their network and data but also build the attack vectors, so the team knows exactly what the business needs to protect.

    However, building cybersecurity solutions and business resources out of real-world experience can always be a costly affair. And, not giving due diligence can ruin your small business. On an average cyberattack on your small business can cost nearly $54,000. A breach can go higher because of cybersecurity compliance and regulations.

    Different Systems to Manage

    There is an avalanche of different systems that move your everyday operations and workflows at your organization. This includes – customer relationship management solutions, financial software, hosting and hardware. Not merely this, there are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, identity and access management, cloud services, and multiple security solutions to look after.

    To this add the issue, we also need to consider the integration of data and applications into existing legacy solutions. As a result, many IT projects simply fall behind, and teams are reluctant to embrace newer technology. The end result is overburdened IT staff which is not able to align IT with your business goals.

    Subsequently, most CIOs and CFOs are not able to justify their technology spends, adding to more frustration and dissatisfaction from their IT environment.

    Outsourcing IT to Managed Service Provider (MSP)

    Many SMBs don’t have the ability or budget to hire a knowledgeable and experienced in-house IT team. Thus, these companies decide to turn to trusted managed IT services and leverage their capabilities to share the technology overload.

    Therefore, finding a right managed service provider is especially critical because it allows the organization to have a team of seasoned professionals which can help it with technology initiatives, including implementation of new technologies, integration of current solutions, the security of data and network, and evaluation of new applications or systems.

    As you get these additions your current IT team, we can assure you that it will help free up your time and focus for other things that are really specific to your business needs.

    At Keeran Networks, most of the IT work and management is directed by us. We help you provide with all of the IT infrastructure and oversight they need to be successful in a competitive market. It makes sense for the business leaders looking for a hassle-free and cost-effective way to improve their IT operations and scalability would opt for an expert solutions partner to take on some of the load and reduce overheads.

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