Traditional operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux were installed directly onto servers or computers. In an enterprise environment, if that server fails, your entire operating systems fails along with it.

With virtual server hosting, we can set up hypervisors in the cloud that enables us to create an application layer using a hypervisor. Installing your operating system as an instance on that hypervisor means that you can easily switch between hardware, and switch between operating systems.

As a completely virtualized environment, hosted VMware Workstation is capable of establishing multiple virtual machines on one physical machine in the cloud, effectively separating your operating system from the hardware itself. These VMware servers eliminate your need for on-site servers completely; establishing virtual datacenters, virtual machines, and virtual desktops in the cloud.

Separating the OS from the physical hardware means that you can effectively run a number of different operating systems, arrange for a unified data center, and easily migrate your business operations to the cloud.

Through hosted VMware, you can easily install virtual appliances provided by vendors to have a new software program up-and-running within 5 minutes, as opposed to hours typically spent downloading, installing, and configuring across numerous physical machines. The inverse is also true, allowing your business to virtually launch applications through Cloud Foundry.

Never worry about failing servers again with vSphere solutions that automatically migrate information to installed hypervisors and restart virtual machines, eliminating a single source of failure, and single-handedly preventing any operational downtime.

Eliminating your need for physical servers means that you can truly embrace cloud computing technology. The increase in storage space, reduced downtime, and easier collaboration through programs like Microsoft Office 365 will have your employees jumping for joy. Give us a call today to get your system virtualized and reduce your need for physical hardware.

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