Your network architecture is one of the most important aspects in setting up your office infrastructure. Designing your enterprise infrastructure requires detail-oriented minds who can create an easily scalable and adaptable system that has the capability to grow with you.

Our IT infrastructure services take into account both technical controls and non-technical controls when designing your components. Understanding the processes and procedures that can impact your business’s use of of your technology helps us to design the perfect setup for your needs.

From your network, host, applications, and information access and storage, our technicians can ensure that you have a functional, productive, and secure enterprise infrastructure. The safety of your enterprise infrastructure is understandable the biggest concern, and one of our biggest focuses. Ensuring that your system is implemented with multiple layers of defence to protect your data from attacks, hacks, or leaks and keep your business completely compliant.

Our managed infrastructure services can design, deploy, and monitor the aspects of your IT that you rely on day-to-day:

Your network: We’ll ensure multiple levels of security, including firewalls set up to prevent unwanted or malicious attacks.

Your Hardware: You need fast, responsive, scalable systems, our IT procurement services ensure that your hardware is up to the challenge.

Applications: Can the software the your business relies on handle your workloads and meet your business needs while still remaining accessible and secure?

Information: In everything you do, your confidential information needs to be encrypted, backed up, organized, accessible to your employees through pre-approved devices, based on established profiles.

70% of organizations have an uncoordinated, manual infrastructure. Through infrastructure management solutions, these organizations can move from an infrastructure model that costs more than it’s worth, to a strategic asset.

At Keeran Networks, we want to make sure that your enterprise infrastructure regularly meets your needs. With frequent updates, monitoring for efficiency, and a fully consolidated network our managed infrastructure services can ensure that your systems are always on, always available, and always secure.

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