Industry standard is to have a third party conduct your information security audits to ensure an unbiased opinion and guarantee that your systems are audited honestly.

The integrity of your security is important in highly-regulated industries with a focus on customer or client detail compliance. Protection of your confidential data can encompass numerous ethical and legal requirements, and understanding these requirements is important to ensure that your business remains law-abiding

Through IT consulting in Edmonton, your business can prepare for these audits, while establishing benchmarks and instilling a familiarity in best practices in your employees. Understanding procedures during the actual audits, as well as preparing for the audits can set your business up for success.

There are two types of information security audits that your business should follow.

Risk-based audits:

Checking the vulnerabilities of your systems and double-checking any and all backdoor access to your data can establish how easy it would be to break into your systems. From this audit, you can then create a framework that prevents this access from ever occurring.

Compliance-based audits:

Making sure that your data is on strict lockdown in accordance with industry regulations. Enlisting the help of a firm who understands the nuances of your industry can mean the difference between a pass or fail in this security audit.

These audits can assess the compliance and vulnerability across all of your systems, including:

  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Controls and access (passwords, physical, as well as the segregation of duties)
  • Application security
  • Data encryption

At Keeran Networks, we want to ensure that your network security audit goes off without a hitch. Which is why we always strive to provide complete communication throughout the process, and provide easy-to-follow and understand steps to take if we do encounter any problems in your security.