3 Technology Problems that Impact Business Productivity

    Apr 24, 2018 10:00:00 AM Keeran Networks Data Security


    With a more digital workplace, it would be easy to assume that all of life’s problems would just disappear. After all, all of your employees’ files, customer information, and company details are just a few mouse clicks away. However, issues concerning technology can arise at any moment. These issues can delay employee productivity, causing unnecessary stress and can often lead to misunderstandings. Here are the three most common technology problems that impact business productivity.

    Unexpected Failures

    Technological devices are not indestructible. Computers break, printers jam, and internet connections drop. When computer systems fail, it’s very easy to spend 15 minutes or more trying to fix the problem. When these failures occur on the regular, it can add up to a lot of wasted man hours.

    Minimize the downtime and avoid disrupting your business operations by planning scheduled maintenance in advance. After all, waiting for something to crash or break can not only cost you money, but cost you time. When you schedule regular maintenance, you make sure that your systems are operational and you mitigate certain issues before they become full-blown problems.

    Having a system in place to maintain equipment will also help with system integration. Whenever you introduce a new technology, they aren’t always compatible with the systems already in place. However, when you plan maintenance, you can monitor how these systems interact with one another and can see if any troubleshooting needs to be done. Trusting an managed IT services provider like Keeran to manage your hardware services and software services is one way to safeguard against these potential problems.

    Data Loss

    When systems fail, employees can also lose some of their data. This problem is quite frequent and definitely affects productivity. Losing the work you have done is discouraging and annoying; no one wants to start data entering from scratch. Employees often lose time trying to retrieve the content they lost, which makes them lose a lot of unnecessary time. If this situation happens frequently, it creates a major problem for employee productivity because they will constantly have to restart their work.

    Encourage employees to save their work in more than one place and conduct regular backups. You can also implement cloud software to backup data so it won’t be lost during outages or computer shutdowns. Cloud software usually has autosave capabilities, so employees won’t lose their work--even when they forget to save it manually.

    A managed IT service provider like Keeran provides you with hardware services and software services, so you can prioritize your clients and not have to deal with IT problems.

    Slow Internet, Slow Computers

    In the modern workplace, a lot of time is spent interacting with technology. You can’t afford to slow down your employees with slow equipment or internet connection. After all, having a secure internet connection and firewall protection can deter spyware viruses. A slow internet connection or an outdated computer can often create a lot of frustration. Implementing a faster internet connection and using more technologically advanced systems with a managed IT services provider like Keeran is one way to ensure that your employees’ computers will run smoothly and efficiently. Keeran provides you with hardware services and software services so you won’t have to worry about slow connections or slow equipment.

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