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About Keeran Networks

Keeran Networks is all about believing and supporting your business’ technological capabilities. Find out how our experienced professionals can turn your technology investments into a powerful business advantage.
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Strategic Business IT Services

In 1999, Keeran Networks came into existence with the resolve to help businesses in Alberta generate a better ROI from their business technology – relieving technical headaches for the organizations.   

Now we are fully operational in Toronto and Vancouver as well – harnessing the capabilities of our brilliant IT talent. Our amazingly successful KeeranONE approach is the by-product of our regular ‘meeting of minds’ with our clients. 

We don’t limit ourselves to technical support. We aim to dream together with our clients and create technical intelligence that helps scale their business to new heights. Just browse below to understand the four core values on which our business functions. 

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We Believe in Building Strong Relationships

We are an extension of your team – your partners and trusted advisors. Our philosophy embraces the idea of building deep and ongoing relationships with our clients. How? – Through personalization. Our initial approach is to understand your unique needs, circumstances, budget constraints, and provide a flexible range of services that evolve with your organization. When your systems need support, you get comprehensive, technical, and problem-solving expertise on-time. Our Quarterly Business Reviews are just another way to strengthen our partnerships – giving us the scope to predict and be proactive in your IT problems. 

Using the Strategy First Approach

We want you to succeed at what you do best, focusing on your business. Our team builds an agile and flexible IT strategy that entails your business requirements. We give you a high-level overview of your IT needs – evaluating your mission, core values, objectives, and continuously brainstorming on approaches to accomplishing your goals. Thereon, we outline your current and future IT projects and initiatives with timelines and milestones. We believe that smart IT strategy is shaped after analyzing your existing enterprise architecture, capabilities and capacities, and future needs and requirements.   

Knowledgeable and Expert Team

Our technicians are not only knowledgeable on new and emerging technologies, but also have the hands-on experience with the best industry tools. The primary approach is to understand your concerns and work with you until we find the appropriate solutions. We ensure that you gain the power of reliable IT services – by diagnosing your issues quicker and responding faster – meaning less Downtime! Keeping up with technology can be costly on your pocket, but with Keeran Networks, you don’t need to worry about your bottom line. Our team is always available with the right guidance and support to help you obtain the right technology at the right prices.   

Going ‘Above & Beyond’ For You

We go above and beyond to deliver our promises. Our strong leadership works closely with your business, forging strong partnerships and providing exceptional services. We make sure to focus on your business drivers and develop technical capabilities exceeding your expectations. Our team takes you off the expensive installation and upgrade treadmill by continually providing the latest proven technologies – fully managed, redundant, secure, and affordable. At Keeran Networks, we cover all facets of technology management, including cost management, human capital management, hardware and software management, vendor management and risk management.

At Keeran Networks, we empower businesses to get more from their technology investment

We leverage the technology to maintain existing workflows and keep your team productive. The aim is to create valuable, long-term relationships with our clients.

Here is what we do:

  • No matter how simple or complex the IT environment, we promise to provide you with a range of services, understanding your unique needs.
  • We administer your entire IT infrastructure, from troubleshooting to long-term strategic planning, proactive monitoring and maintenance.
  • Our strategic partnershipswith world-renowned hardware and software companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco enable us to offer you the most advanced solution to your IT problem. 


    Our founders truly believe in empowering in our teamWe’re always looking to add the best IT talent to our roster.