Weather, hardware or software malfunction, data corruption, human error. The list of things that could go wrong with your systems is extensive, which is why the methods you employ to protect your confidential data is also extensive.

Through KeeranProtect backup and disaster recovery services, you can rest assured that you’ll weather the storm. While the idea of losing a single file may fill you with fear, the results of a catastrophic data loss are more severe. According to the Intronis State of Cloud Backup report, 94% of companies who suffer catastrophic data loss never recover, and go out of business within two years of the incident.

KeeranProtect ensures that your systems are backed up and encrypted for safe-keeping, but with a recovery rate that ensures minimal downtime. Ensuring that your mission-critical data files are safe and secure through virtual disaster recovery in the cloud means that you have guaranteed backups, frequently updated, and constantly monitored.

With virtual disaster recovery, you eliminate the worst case scenario, meaning that business can continue as normal — even under abnormal circumstances.

Our customized disaster recovery services take everything into account to provide you with the most thorough data backup and virtual disaster recovery.

  • Data backups: Encrypted at rest and in transit for the utmost in security
  • Data Recovery: Our data recovery services in Edmonton ensure that everything is restored back to it’s original state
  • Quick recovery time objectives
  • Recovery point objectives established to correlate with your business needs
  • Easy-to-use administration software to establish and monitor your backup and disaster recovery software

Your partners at Keeran can ensure that you have the best disaster recovery plan checklist customized and deployed for your business needs.Through our IT consulting services in Edmonton, we can determine which process is best suited to your needs. From complete data migration and recovery services, to business continuity testing, we’re committed to ensuring that you’ll make it through a disaster. Get in touch with us today to discover how easy it is to bulletproof your systems against data loss.