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Elevate your Cloud Experience

Helping your business get the most out of the Cloud


Advanced Cloud Capabilities

What if a cyber-criminal were able to extract data from your organization? Modern Cloud environments can protect your business with Data Loss Prevention so that they would be unable to open those files and the private information contained within. This is something that is included within certain levels of Microsoft licensing. It is just a matter of configuring it for your business so you can truly take advantage of all of the capabilities that you will already have built-in.

If your business handles a high volume of both financial and personal data, securing it is important not only for PCI compliance but for good client relationships as well. 


Secure your files, even if they are leaked

Ransomware tactics have evolved to the point that they are not just asking for money to give you your files back. Proper backup solutions have made it too simple and low cost to restore a network in case of encryption. Now hackers have identified that the real money is to be made in threatening to release copies of the information that they have stolen. They ask you to calculate how much your reputation is worth, rather than what your files are worth.


Decentralize workstation deployment

To get even more out of your Microsoft licensing we would use Microsoft Endpoint Manager to create customized computer images that can then be associated with employee Microsoft accounts. This allows users to simply open up a sealed box computer, connect to the internet, enter their company-managed username and password, and their machine will be set up to your exact specifications. You are even given the ability to enable Bitlocker Encryption on all company workstations so that if a device were ever lost or stolen, the information stored on it could not be accessed without the proper login. This would extend to even if the hard drive were completely removed and connected to another computer to try and read the files.


Take business calls wherever you are

Microsoft Teams for Calling does the same thing for phone calls that Microsoft Endpoint Management does for network access; it frees you from being reliant on specific hardware devices. Once configured, the same Microsoft Teams app that you use for communicating and collaborating through messages and meetings will also serve as your method of voice communication.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) allows you to restrict document access, if it contains sensitive content (i.e. SIN, Credit Card, Driver’s License), on a file by file level, even based on the geographic location of the person. Proper backup solutions have made it simple and affordable to restore a network in case of encryption.


Cloud Storage for Collaboration

Our experience designing new cloud networks, and being brought in to rehabilitate failed networks has given our team deep insights into Cloud storage and team collaboration best practices. If you need to get your teams in sync, our professionals can help them connect seamlessly and securely.


Cell Phones & Mobile Devices

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) brings centralized control to your mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, in addition to your more traditional workstations. People want to be able to access their business data wherever they are, and smartphones are the obvious solution to do so.

Ensuring this is done securely though has not always been the simplest matter, and in the past, the only solution was to provide restricted corporate devices. 

This put a burden on companies, which were now responsible for purchasing more expensive equipment, and staff who needed to carry and maintain another phone in order to do their jobs effectively.

Providing secure and reliable access to employee mobile devices is now available on Microsoft Cloud environments.

Keeran Networks partners with you and your team to help you reach your business goals.

We can help your business to get the most from your network with the robust tools built in to the Microsoft Cloud Environment.


MEM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager) offers an alternative approach, allowing containerization of a single device so that only the apps that contain corporate data are controlled, and protects that information from being accessed by the personal side of the device. This ensures that your data can’t be compromised intentionally by copying information from business accounts to personal accounts, or unintentionally by malicious apps that the person may have unwittingly installed on their phone. 


Security matters more than ever and your business has spent decades building its reputation and establishing rapport with your clients. Much of that long-term cultivation can be jeopardized if you are required to contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada or the individual clients themselves to make them aware that their private information was compromised.


We understand that the 'office' has changed. Our remote service deployment option further reduces your reliance on centralized office space as well. Someone could be setting up their computer at any home office and still be configured completely correctly. More important to your day-to-day operations, is that this also enable you to fully refresh a workstation that is experiencing performance issues or that could potentially be compromised by viruses or malware.


Over a one-hour period that computer could be set up just like new, with the proper printer associations, the programs necessary for the person's role, and access to all the documents and folders that they have permission for. This increases the resiliency of organizations against cyber attacks and improves the quality of life for end-users who can expect quicker resolution of problems with workstations.


With a multi-location, or completely dispersed workforce this is the best possible option for speed, security, and standardization of deployment, and again it lines up within the same Microsoft set of tools and is available as part of the same licensing. It just requires a properly certified organization like ourselves to prepare it for you.


Bring your own device (BYOD) plans have grown increasingly popular for both parties, reducing costs and increasing choice for employees. Almost everybody has their own preference of device, and that is the one they’ve purchased already as a personal device. Why put another one in their pocket? 


Seamless team collaboration is easier than ever with Microsoft Teams for Calling. These digital calling tools can fully replace traditional telephone providers or complicated in-house phone systems that prove expensive and difficult to manage. Our team can set up toll-free numbers and call trees that lead your callers to the right department. Audio conferences are supported with people using classic phone connections and can assign your employees their own phone numbers to receive calls directly. All of these capabilities come bundled in, so you aren’t required to go through a complicated plan to make sure you have the right set of features. You’ll be able to turn any PC, Mac, and mobile device into a phone with your Business Voice phone number, wherever you take it.


Keeran Networks relies heavily upon the integrity of its phone systems to deliver our service to our clients. As part of our own migration to a fully cloud-based environment, we adopted Business Voice for ourselves and haven’t looked back.


Covid had introduced numerous challenges, yet Microsoft Cloud-based tools have proven to be a solution that allows us to be adaptable and stable. When our entire office building lost power our staff simply picked up the client calls on their mobile phones as opposed to their desktop app and headset. When Covid-19 forced us from our offices we all took our laptops home over lunch and were back up and running with a full work from home team by 1pm. Legacy systems reliant on physical infrastructure have vulnerabilities to events like this, increasing your risk of downtime during times where communication is more vital than ever.

Business Voice will also allow for us to seamlessly port over existing numbers so your clients will still know how to reach you, and your website and internal applications don’t need to be updated. 

Desk-phones are still available to be used with the Business Voice plan, however, they are not required. Educating staff on how to use the new system is normally enough to avoid them indicating a need for these physical devices, as they are quite expensive and still do not grant the capability that the full desktop application would.


To help support your team during a transition to the Cloud, we offer “lunch and learns” for the Microsoft 365 and Windows Virtual Desktop elements. During these instructional meetings, employees get a chance to have their questions addressed by our experts. Let us show you the hidden value of Microsoft 365 and elevate your Cloud experience.


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