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Covid-19 Response

Business Continuity and Secure Work From Home Solutions

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Prior to the introduction of COVID-19/"coronavirus" in Canada, our staff have been empowered with the infrastructure necessary to work from home. Here is a high-level overview of what went in to setting our organization up to work remotely:

1. Configured a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to Microsoft Azure’s cloud.

2. Migrated on premise servers to Microsoft Azure’s cloud.

3. Migrated Line of Business applications to the cloud by:

  • moving to Software as a Service (SaaS) models for applications that offer cloud solutions; or
  • moving the application to a Remote Desktop Server (RDS) in Microsoft Azure’s cloud when no SaaS option is available.
4. Migrated phone systems to a cloud provider, Microsoft Teams.

5. Migrated files to the cloud using services like Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive.

For the safety and security of our employees we have closed our office and allowed our staff to work from home. For both the protection of our clients and our staff, we have placed a short-term moratorium on any non-business critical on-site service calls. Keeran Networks will still endeavor to provide the best support to all of our clients, old and new. We do anticipate though that in these first few weeks of transition there will be an increase in service tickets as people adapt to the new normal. During this time some non-urgent requests may take longer than usual, and we appreciate your patience as we navigate this initial surge.

Not all businesses can adopt the same strategy for navigating this new terrain, and even within our own client base it has been necessary to implement widely varied solutions. Whatever the path though, our commitment is to ensuring your employees have the proper tools and access to be successful and secure while complying with physical distancing.

If your business needs assistance to:

1. Enable staff to work remotely

2. Continue to collaborate while out of office

3. Monitor staff productivity

4. Increase network security

let us perform a free consultation to address these issues.

We also have a limited supply of licenses we're providing for FREE that will allow your users to work remotely. We are currently reserving these for small and medium sized businesses in the greater Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver areas but will do our best to accommodate each business that needs our help.

We can also check whether your organization qualifies for free licensing from Microsoft to allow for easy collaboration, even while you’re away from your office.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page, call us at +1 (877) 953-3726, or email to connect with one of our staff. We'll need to collect a few details so we can get things configured for your organization. Licenses are limited in quantity, but our team will attempt to accommodate all businesses.   

This list is far from comprehensive but these pages link to some crucial pieces of information that can help your business stay upright in these challenging times.

Additional Resources for Businesses:

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