Our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We are committed to our clients and are proud of our customer service stats. 

These ticket resolution numbers are synced live to our internal monitoring tool. Our guarantee is our month-to-month billing practice. We are confident in our customer service and will not lock our clients into contracts. Our client retention is high because we take care of our client's business needs every single day of the year.

We have four categories of ticket priority:

  • 1. Business-critical
  • 2. User critical
  • 3. Urgent request
  • 4. Future request

We have defined timelines for each ticket priority and meet these time goals > 90% of the time. Our CSAT (customer satisfaction score) is > 95%.

All Completed Tickets
Business Critical | Completed Tickets
Average Response Time (All Tickets)
Average Resolution (Business Critical)
90 Day CSAT Average
30 Day Tickets Closed

Keeran Networks Operating Stats

Live details about our team and our network.

These reports are live synced to our internal operations hub.

This shows the number of clients with fully managed IT services, the number of servers we maintain, and the size of the technical support team that makes it all happen. 

Total Number of Clients
Number of Servers Supported
Number of Workstations Supported
Number of Employees