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Find Out Your Business Cyber Score for Free

How do you know how prepared your business is for a cyber attack?

Use this free tool from Armour Insurance to assess your level of risk.

If you have answered no to any of these preparedness questions, we can help secure your business.

If you need insurance to protect your assets, we recommend Armour Insurance.

Because being prepared is the best form of protection. 


Check your business Cyber Score here

Check your Cyber Score Here

Answering questions such as:

  • How many people do you employ?
  • Do you have a Chief Security Officer? 
  • Do you have a formal program in place to test network security controls? 
  • Do you use Firewall technology? 
  • Do you use anti-virus software?
  • Do you provide remote access to your network?

All contribute to understanding the cyber security risk your company is exposed to right now.



Anti-virus software can help disable malicious viruses on your computer system. In many cases, keeping your anti-virus software up to date can help prevent malicious software from getting installed on your system at all.

Threat Detection

Internal threat detection is designed to detect activity happening within your computer system that appears to be unusual or threatening to sensitive data that you may house. This software is designed to alert you in real-time before the breach can occur so you can take preventative measures.

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