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Cybersecurity and Data Protection Services
in Vancouver, Edmonton, & Toronto

Malware. Data Breaches. Spyware. Viruses. Phishing Attempts. Today's threats come in many different forms, but the consequences are always the same - damage to your reputation, finances, and future. But we can help.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

We understand that protection of data and privacy are crucial to your business, which is why Keeran Networks offer you far-reaching and forward-thinking cybersecurity and data protection services in Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver.

Information Security Audits

Our team help businesses prepare an actionable list of information security audits. Find valuable insights to auditing process including legal compliance, drafting of internal policies, recommendations to reduce exposure to cyber-attacks and resources for workplace cybersecurity that causes minimal disruption to your business.

Managed Firewalls

Our services include next generation firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention. Choose from our enterprise-grade protection plans or customize your security with services best to your niche. Get application aware filtering, content engine filtering, malware protection for network and employee devices & much more.

Advanced Security Solutions

Single Sign-Ons (SSOs), VPNs and 2-factor authentications are available with Keeran Networks. SSOs provide improved security for logging into proprietary web applications or cloud-hosted ERP systems. You can setup Virtual Private Network (VPN) for employee remote connections or Two-factor authentication for added protection.

Partnerships & Products

We have strategic partnerships with the top-ranked software companies in the world such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco for augmented security solutions. Our partnerships have allowed us to leverage some of the best software products for cybersecurity. Below are some of the examples - 

  • Cisco Meraki for cloud network security, locking down ports and communications across the network
  • Webroot Antivirus and Malware protection for faster scans, advanced anti-phishing, ransomware and performance optimization for unique system configuration
  • Knowbe4 for managing social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware- This provides a security awareness training helping organizations to reassure their security systems

Fast & Reliable Cloud Security

 Security concerns interfering cloud adoption?

At Keeran Networks, we help you with identity and access management even for mobile devices including application security, cloud workload management and much more. If you are migrating to the cloud, we make sure to add high-grade security options from the beginning. Additionally, we offer you broad cloud management services so you don’t lose productivity at any point.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Not just security, we make sure to simplify your data recovery issues as well. We have a wide range of backup and disaster recovery solutions that are exceptionally safe and help you stay away from ransomware and human errors.


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