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Malware. Data Breaches. Spyware. Viruses. Phishing Attempts. Today's threats come in many different forms, but the consequences are always the same - damage to your reputation, finances, and future. But we can help.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), sometimes known as Endpoint Detection and Threat Response (EDTR), is an endpoint security system that continuously monitors end-user devices to find and address online dangers like malware and ransomware.

With the help of EDR, the danger is actively sought out. When a threat has been identified our team can investigate and address the problem before it has a chance to escalate into a serious breach.


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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

We understand that the protection of data and privacy are crucial to your business, which is why Keeran Networks offer you far-reaching and forward-thinking cybersecurity and data protection services in Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Information Security Audits

Our team help businesses prepare an actionable list of information security audits. Find valuable insights to the auditing process including legal compliance, drafting of internal policies, recommendations to reduce exposure to cyber-attacks, and resources for workplace cybersecurity that causes minimal disruption to your business.

Managed Firewalls

Our services include next-generation Cisco firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention. Choose from our enterprise-grade protection plans or customize your security with services best to your niche. Get application-aware filtering, content engine filtering, malware protection for network and employee devices & much more.

Advanced Security Solutions

Single Sign-Ons (SSOs), VPNs and 2-factor authentications are available with Keeran Networks. SSOs provide improved security for logging into proprietary web applications or cloud-hosted ERP systems. You can set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for employee remote connections or Two-factor authentication for added protection.

Partnerships & Products

We have strategic partnerships with the top-ranked software companies in the world such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco for augmented security solutions. Our partnerships have allowed us to leverage some of the best software products for cybersecurity. Below are some of the examples - 

  • Cisco Meraki for cloud network security, locking down ports and communications across the network
  • Webroot Antivirus and Malware protection for faster scans, advanced anti-phishing, ransomware and performance optimization for unique system configuration
  • Knowbe4 for managing social engineering, spear-phishing, and ransomware- This provides security awareness training helping organizations to reassure their security systems

Fast & Reliable Cloud Security

 Are security concerns interfering with cloud adoption?

At Keeran Networks, we help you with identity and access management even for mobile devices including application security, cloud workload management, and much more. If you are migrating to the cloud, we make sure to add high-grade security options from the beginning. Additionally, we offer you broad cloud management services so you don’t lose productivity at any point.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Not just security, we make sure to simplify your data recovery issues as well. We have a wide range of backup and disaster recovery solutions that are exceptionally safe and help you stay away from ransomware and human errors.

When a cyber-attack happens the financial impact can be challenging to quantify. First, there's the instant loss of productivity as resources have to be dedicated to halting the attack and trying to clean up whatever mess it has caused. If you're lucky, most of your staff are still able to work, but with some features limited. If you're unlucky you may be shut down entirely, unable to fulfill your promises to your clients or customers, watching deadlines tick ever closer. Cyber-criminals bank on your time is worth money, which is why ransomware remains ever-popular.

How to prepare your business for a Cyberattack:

Step #1: Don't despair!
While attacks themselves may be a near inevitability at this point, the outcome is not. Properly prepared, your organization should be able to turn back any threat thrown your way.

Step #2: Keep it front of mind.
Cyber security comes down to what you do every day, not how you perform on an annual audit. Keep learning more, and build it into your everyday practice.

Step #3: Share the information and the responsibility.
It can't be just you and your IT manager paying attention to your cyber security practice. If everyone doesn't play their part the best-laid plans fall apart.


Don't get comfy and complacent

It has been a time of substantial disruption to "standard operating procedure" and many companies have displayed incredible ingenuity in keeping their businesses running. Forced out of offices, workers gained new ways to access files remotely. In the wake of constant laptop shortages, personal devices got put to work to keep employees productive. Unable to gather staff into a boardroom for important announcements, people looked to their digital platforms for vital information. 

Unfortunately, cybercriminals have been just as ingenious in finding ways to exploit each of these changes, and many more.


Get aligned with best practices

Spending days and months building your own cyber security solution from scratch is an expensive and time-consuming exercise in futility. The solutions we offer an encounter that has been put together lack breadth and depth of coverage, have little to nothing in the way of reporting and don't address some of the biggest factors that introduce risk to a business. 

But yours isn't the first company that's had to make this journey to increased security, so why does it feel like you're for some reason blazing a new trail. You aren't asking for revolutionary new ideas, you just need a system that works. Something that fends off the ransomware attacks, reduces the chance that your customers' confidential data will be breached and blunts the impact of spear-phishing attempts on your organization. 

Here are just a few of the questions any cyber security system you evaluate should be able to answer:

  1. People are the number one point of failure in a cyber security system. 67 % of all breaches were the result of social engineering, compromised credentials, and user error. Hackers prefer to spend as little effort as possible, and it's usually far easier to trick a person than it is to bash their way through a properly managed firewall. How do you address not just the technological component, but the human one as well?
  2. As cyber security is a constantly evolving field, who is responsible for getting the training required and implementing the solutions necessary to counter new threats?
  3. You should be able to tell how effective your system is in detecting threats and remediating problems. Are you able to track trends and analyze data, or are you left in the dark unless there's a major incident?
  4. Policies and procedures are often drawn up with the utmost care and attention. Are your policies proactively enforceable, or merely reactive and punitive?  If the latter, the damage is already done, regardless of who you can then "assign responsibility" to. This especially applies to Acceptable Use Policies that dictate what devices on your network can and cannot be used.
  5. Information that has made it onto the internet is difficult to remove. Information that winds up on the dark web is almost impossible to scrub out. Do you know what information about our company is out there already, and how do we prevent more from showing up on these illegal marketplaces? 


There isn’t one best antivirus solution, so you don't need to be committed to the same product necessarily in three years if it is not the best thing anymore. Rather you need to understand that your business has different security needs than your home computer.  

Keeran Networks uses enterprise-grade antivirus solutions and a tech stack to match. We're always innovating and restructuring our cybersecurity platform to become the best, more secure platform in the world. When it comes to keeping our clients safe — it is more than just a matter of selecting the right antivirus.

There are many more variables that go into the proper design and execution of cyber security coverage for small and medium-sized businesses. You have different risks, and different resources to tackle them.


Keeran Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
Hear from our customers in their own words how Keeran Networks helped their business.

Our team can help with your off-site VPN

Need a secure, off-site cloud solution but are not sure where to start? There isn't one type of cloud computing environment that’s right for every business. Several different cloud computing models, types, and services have evolved to meet the rapidly changing technology needs of organizations. There are three ways to deploy cloud services: on a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud.

Our team can help select and build out the right cloud hosting environment for your business needs.

Read more about the difference between Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud environments here.


What do I do next to secure my business?

It's an important question, and you should mistrust anyone who thinks they can give you an easy answer. Cyber security, like any other facet of your business, requires balancing and finesse. Proposals need to be understood in regards to how much risk they mitigate, what their effects on productivity are, and what they will cost both to configure and maintain. 


You might not be a target, but you're still at risk.

Most cybercrime isn't targeted, it's financially motivated and opportunistic. You're just another username and password, just another IP address, just another entry in a database, and your money is still good. 30% of employees work in small and medium businesses, and 28% of breaches happen to small and medium businesses meaning your users are just as much a threat as those at Desjardins or LifeLabs, or any other major firm that suffered a breach in the last year.

Small businesses might not get the same spotlight in the news when disaster strikes, but the pain felt is just as real if not more so. Don't rely on chance to keep your business safe from the opportunists who would do you harm.

Wondering What to Look for in a Managed Service Provider?

Keeran Networks knows that one of the biggest struggles for businesses today is staying current with advancing technology. If your IT team spends much of their time on the day-to-day maintenance of your systems, then it may be time to consider managed IT services.

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What to Consider when Hiring an MSP

Take action today to be prepared for tomorrow.

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