Managed IT Services

Outsourcing of all, or part of information technology service needs such as 24x7 operations, and administration of network, security, operating systems, virtualization, malware, databases and storage to a service provider whose primary focus is to provide such services across a wide customer base. KeeranONE is the name of our comprehensive managed IT service for business.

In the IT world, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that provides partially or fully outsourced IT Support and management as a service (MaaS). When they managed all IT Support Management roles, they can handle any technology needs of a business. Learn more about our approach to managed IT services.

Why choose us? Here are the top reasons.

Our commitment to the highest quality service and live customer satisfaction stats are a testament to our philosophy of mutual respect and building relationships.

We focus on your business drivers and develop technical capabilities exceeding your expectations. Our managed and hosted services take you off the expensive installation and upgrade treadmill by continually providing the latest proven technologies – fully managed, redundant, secure, and affordable. 

KeeranONE is our comprehensive Managed IT Services solution that covers all your business IT needs for a predictable monthly cost.

No problem! Some of our clients have a designated IT Support person or in-house IT department to handle day-to-day technical issues and minor network problems. These organizations often count on us for co-managed IT help to support the most critical IT functions, such as strategic advice, technical projects, second opinions, IT security, and advanced Business Applications support. 

Most IT issues can be handled remotely, however, sometimes there is a need to be on-site. When the need to put physical hands-on equipment arises Keeran Networks will dispatch technicians to your site to handle those issues. 

24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our live professional IT technicians will always answer the call.  Response times may vary depending on the severity of the client's issue.  Our goal is to meet your enterprise needs by maximizing uptime and addressing issues as soon as they occur. 

Keeran Networks will develop IT security policies for your specific business needs.  In addition, Keeran can do Cybersecurity testing, employee training, and reviews. 

We're in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto. 

However, we can support customers all across Canada. We work with clients who have locations across North America. From big cities like Vancouver and Toronto in the West and East to smaller centers like Iqaluit and Dodge City in the North and South, we make sure all of your users feel looked after. Want to know if we can support your business locations, just ask us.

For managed IT services to be of value to your company, you should have at least 10 workstations/end users and at least 1 server. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) don't get sick, take vacations, or require benefits. MSPs can also cost less than a full-time employee. 

Hear it from our current customers. Outgrowing an internal IT team is an issue that we are seeing more frequently. Today’s computer networks have become more complex in the past few years and not every “computer guy” has been able to keep up with the myriad of changes that continue to occur in the industry. Changing to a professional IT firm to manage your network is a process that should not be taken lightly. While it is done every day, there is risk involved. However, a competent professional IT firm should be able to make a changeover as painless as possible. 

If you have any questions with your billing, we have a dedicated finance resource person who can help with any issues. We even have a secure online payment portal because we love our customers and strongly believe that payment shouldn’t be painful.

If you are planning an IT hardware upgrade with us, don’t worry about having to pay for projects up front. We take a 50% deposit and bill labour gradually on a progress method.

If you order Lenovo computers from us, you do not need to pre-pay for them. We order what you need and invoice once it arrives. There is no waiting and wondering if you need a product that we don’t have on hand.

New computers and required parts are not included in our monthly billing. There are companies out there that will provide the computer for you and just put it into your monthly bill. This can sound like they're providing a great service, but realistically they're buying the cheapest parts, selling them to you at a high markup, and then they have a whole bunch of parts that they can just put in there when things break down. It is a great model (for them), but ultimately you own nothing. Then, if you were to switch providers, all your equipment leaves with it as well. 

When you purchase from Keeran Networks — you own that IT equipment. Whatever works best for your finances, we will help you own your own.

The team performs hourly local backups and has a nightly offsite team for cloud backups at our Keeran Data Center. Additionally, our team can perform successful data recoveries for nearly any virtual machine. Never fear, we've got your back-up.