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Network Security Audits 
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Malware. Data Breaches. Spyware. Viruses. Phishing Attempts. Today's threats come in many different forms, but the consequences are always the same - damage to your reputation, finances, and future. But we can help.

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Business Network Security Assessments

With a security assessment, our technicians search your system for vulnerabilities or weaknesses that could expose your data to a malicious attack or a hack. These vulnerability checks consider all possibilities: firewalls, IP configurations, physical setup, and any open ports to create a framework for increasing and resolving your security and organizational compliance issues.

By providing you with complete security and network assessment, we can keep you on track to remaining compliant, keeping your data safe, and stopping malicious attacks before they happen.

We provide:

  • The capabilities of multiple different security software programs
  • Complete compliance in relation to your security software
  • Adherence to industry-specific compliance guidelines 
  • Configuration change control
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Access control and personnel awareness
  • Data access monitoring and security log management
  • Data backup in accordance with IT disaster recovery
  • Incidence response
  • Frequent vulnerability reporting

If you’re curious about how exposed your business is to data corruption or a malicious attack, our network assessment specialists can delve into your network security. With a thorough security analysis, we’ll provide recommendations on how to correct any potential vulnerabilities, or even fix them for you to ensure your system is locked down. 


The Integrity of Your IT Security 

The industry standard is to have a third party conduct your information security audits to receive an unbiased opinion and guarantee that your systems are audited honestly.

Protection of your confidential data can encompass numerous ethical and legal requirements, and understanding these requirements is important to ensure your business remains law-abiding.


Information Security Audits

Through IT consulting in Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver, your business can prepare for these audits, while establishing benchmarks and instilling familiarity with best practices. 

There are two types of information security audits your business should follow.

Risk-based audits:

Checking the vulnerabilities of your systems and double-checking any and all backdoor access to your data can showcase how easy it would be to break into your systems. You can then create a framework that prevents this access from occurring.

Compliance-based audits:

Make sure your data is on strict lockdown in accordance with industry regulations. 

These audits can assess compliance and vulnerability across all of your systems including:

  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Controls and access (passwords, physical, as well as the segregation of duties)
  • Application security
  • Data encryption

At Keeran Networks, we want to ensure your network security audit goes off without a hitch. That's why we strive to provide complete communication throughout the process and provide easy-to-follow steps to take if we do encounter problems in your security.


Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Keeran Networks uses industry-leading technology to get full visibility into your vulnerabilities.
With the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, we can audit a wide range of technologies including operating systems, network devices, databases, web servers, hypervisors used to run virtual machines, and critical infrastructure.

Examples of vulnerabilities and exposures Nessus can scan for include:

• Vulnerabilities that could allow unauthorized control or access to sensitive data on a system.
• Misconfiguration (e.g. open mail relay, missing patches, etc.).
• Default passwords, a few common passwords, and blank/absent passwords on some system accounts. Nessus can also call Hydra (an external tool) to launch a dictionary attack.
• Denials of service vulnerabilities


Our technicians look for vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your system. These vulnerability checks consider every possibility to create a framework for increasing and resolving your security and organizational compliance issues.


Recommendations Following the Network Assessment

  • When conducting a security and network assessment, we help you with your compliance, keep your data safe, and stop malicious attacks before they happen.
  • If you want to see the areas where your network is exposed to data corruption or a malicious attack, our network assessment specialists will delve into your network security.
  • With the thorough security analysis we provide, we can make specific recommendations on how you can correct any vulnerabilities, so you can ensure that your system is locked down.


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Keeran Networks knows that one of the biggest struggles for businesses today is staying current with advancing technology. If your IT team spends much of their time on the day-to-day maintenance of your systems, then it may be time to consider managed IT services.

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