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IT Services for Manufacturing Firms

At Keeran Networks, we understand the technology needs of manufacturing organizations like you — whether it's critical MRP/ERP systems or corporate emails. Our technical consultants have real-time working experience in the industry, and expertise to protect your business from cyberattacks of every scale and size. Get in touch with our team to quickly resolve any issue or to get technical guidance.

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Mobilize Your Workforce

Cloud computing makes it possible for your staff to work from anywhere, anytime, and through any device. Your employees can easily access the company database, software, and business applications, saving a lot of your crucial time and money. Our cloud services help in speeding up the implementation of your innovation projects. The team enables you to determine the right cloud model, helping you with the successful migration of your data and applications. Our cloud solutions are the answer to your contemporary needs — helping your company with a shorter time to market and reduced product development costs.

Protect Valuable Information

Data breaches are all too common in today's data-centric world. At Keeran Networks, we offer you comprehensive cybersecurity services that safeguard your company against threats of all types. Our security experts can help you discover, identify, protect and monitor services for your most sensitive data wherever it resides. We assess your current data environment, classify your data under different categories and develop a risk mitigation roadmap. We also help you in determining the governance process and metrics for a better response to data security.

Lower operational costs

With our managed IT services, you get everything you need at affordable monthly rates. Our team helps to improve the agility of your network and reduce complexity — ultimately improving your operational efficiency. We provide you with managed services that are flexible and have a modular approach. The solutions are designed to reduce unplanned downtime, improve global agility, simplify management and provide higher network capacity at lower costs. We also help you control spending with new, specialized functions dedicated to managing applications and IT infrastructure.


Disaster Avoidance and Recovery

Business interruption can cost you thousands of dollars and put you out of business in a matter of hours. Our Backup & Disaster Recovery services help your firm recover your data in minutes, failover entire servers in less than 1 hour, and restore your complete business data in case of total physical damage. We make sure that your data is continuously monitored and encrypted during the entire recovery process. Additionally, we offer you the necessary hardware, software, and offsite storage, depending on the requirements of your business.


Leverage our KeeranONE expertise for enterprise-level productivity, scalability, and security.