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When you need help, Keeran is there for you. Our local experts are available around the clock, monitoring your network and ready to help when you need it most.
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24/7 Help Desk Services

At Keeran Networks, we understand time is money for our clients. This is why our experienced team of IT experts provides a proactive 24/7/365 help desk and hands-on technical support to all your IT problems.

If you have a 24-hour business, what if you have an IT emergency? We understand there are systems that need to be online for your applications to work. Lawyers may need to be able to access their systems outside office hours, manufacturing plants cannot afford to go offline. Whatever your industry, we offer emergency IT support whenever any of our clients need it.

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We are a 100% Canadian Managed IT Support services housing the most adept and friendly staff ensuring that your IT issues are resolved carefully and quickly. Moreover, we provide Strategic IT Advisory to design and build new projects. 

For companies with an internal team that is trying to focus on innovative ideas, or limited access to their IT team, IT support service providers can fill that gap in your company.

As long as there are offices, (corporate or remote) there will be employees who require technical support. As long as there are businesses, there will be IT managers who simply don’t have time to answer all of those (often simple) requests.

Setting up an internal help desk requires a significant amount of resources, which is why Keeran Networks provides IT support services to ensure that your team can always get a quick answer to a tech problem that plagues them. As a single point of contact, this IT service desk serves as a resource for your entire staff, as well as your IT team.

We have a Keeran mobile and an on-site resource that is available and included for all KeeranONE customers. Our focus is always on resolving the ticket in the most effective way possible. We will address all on-site tickets based on our prioritization system that ensures all issues get resolved in order of business circumstances.  

We have had emergency circumstances where our technical team started on Friday and was out on Sunday. Our on-site IT service team has proven themselves to be committed to the customer and dependable in their time of need.


Our IT support services cover a wide range of areas, including:

Move Your Business Forward with Outsourced IT Support

By outsourcing your help desk, you’re freeing up your internal IT team to focus on creating strategic and innovative tactics that can move your business goals forward through technology. The professional IT services at Keeran Networks can assist your team, offer industry insight, and propel your business forward.


Here's the Process We Follow to Resolve Your Service Ticket

Once a new ticket is created, several things will happen:

   1. Automatic Acknowledgment

You get an automatic acknowledgment that your request has been received and logged.

   2. New Service Ticket

A new service ticket is generated with a ticket number that can be used to track your request via the Customer Portal.

   3. Ticket Processing

Once the ticket has been created, we then process it to evaluate the best resource to handle the question or issue.

   4. Email Response

You will receive an email directly from a resource as they begin working on your request, followed by a phone call to discuss.

   5. Automatic Updates

The system automatically updates you on the progress or status of the work according to the workflow rules we have set up.


We Know Our Customers

When you call Keeran Networks, our support staff knows who you are and what unique services are relevant to your business. We extend your capabilities by understanding your service level requirements, hours of service needs, support ticket volume, average speed requirements & much more.        

Cross Trained Staff

Our IT experts are cross-trained to understand different user requirements. They have the technical expertise to ensure your end-users receive a seamless experience and work as an extension to your team, identifying bottlenecks and making informed decisions.

Documented Support

For insightful trends, we provide documented support for problem management. We record the symptoms which lead to IT issues and evaluate the problems to mitigate risks. We provide workarounds to ensure service availability and make sure to minimize the severity.

Ticket Tracking

Our team offers ticket tracking to measure our Help desk performance. Every request, problem, completed and pending tickets are monitored closely and prioritized. You can also keep a tab on the IT technician’s performance and generate reports for the tickets.

Partnerships & SLA

We have the most clearly defined SLAs for the best business partnership foundation. We address the customer’s requirements and promise to remain effective in the long run with our scope of services, service availability, performance metrics, legalities and obligations.

Customer Satisfaction

Our IT help desk makes sure that there are minimum disruptions to your system. Our professionals have a flexible approach and make sure to help you with the planning and implementation of IT resources. We ensure timely changes to fine-tune your overall IT experience.

On-demand IT Help Desk

Our help desk provides third-party support to ensure you have the help you need when you’re trying to resolve an issue. Saving you the frustration of not knowing how to resolve a complex problem, our friendly technicians can walk you through the steps to provide a solution.

With a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and the technology you use to perform your daily tasks, our expertise ensures you have access to the resources to make sense of your WAN, LAN, server failure, cloud migration, or data recovery.

With access to around-the-clock support, you can use your technology to move your business forward. Our Edmonton computer support pushes you to gain a leg up on your competitors and meet your business goals.

Sometimes, however, there are situations we wouldn’t expect to be able to walk you through. If you’ve experienced system failure or corruption, our business IT support services can get you back up and running again.

What happens if someone on your team has a computer problem and it’s after 5:00 pm? That is a frustrating place for any employee to be in. Some tech companies may not get back to you until the next day. Well, rest assured, our IT help desk does not close at 5:00 pm, we are there working whenever you are. That includes after-hours and weekends.


We are Here to Help Your Team

We provide Managed IT Support and solutions to businesses across Canada. If you are facing any trouble, feel free to reach out to our Help Desk and get in touch with our professionals to eliminate unnecessary delays, downtimes and IT costs.


Chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are.

Let Keeran Networks show you how to use Microsoft Teams to connect and create in brand new ways.

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Help your team work better.

With Microsoft Teams, you can.

Want to make working together easy? Microsoft Teams has all the features you need to pull your team together for the best work collaboration. With Microsoft Teams on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, you can:

  • Pull together a team.
  • Use chat instead of email.
  • Securely edit files at the same time.
  • See likes, @mentions, and replies with just a single tap.
  • Customize it by adding notes, websites, and apps.

Wondering What to Look for in a Managed Service Provider?

Keeran Networks knows that one of the biggest struggles for businesses today is staying current with advancing technology. If your IT team spends much of their time on the day-to-day maintenance of your systems, then it may be time to consider managed IT services.

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What to Consider when Hiring an MSP
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