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Are you wondering whether your IT provider's services include building Strategic Business Plan, 24/7 IT Support, and Data Security? Are they really equipped to take care of your IT? With Keeran Networks' KeeranONE solution, you won't have to wonder. Our team of IT specialists work tirelessly to ensure that your IT is running smoothly with minimal (if any) downtime.


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IT Security and Disaster Recovery

The ability to effectively manage workflows and data is a need shared by all businesses. And the IT strategy they employ to keep their network secure should be cost-effective and help increase employee productivity

Businesses in Vancouver can get the help they need with their IT from certified professionals who have vast knowledge and experience developing and strategizing the following. 


IT Business Planning

Proper planning is vital to businesses, and an IT Business Plan is a network blueprint designed to meet both the IT needs of today and those of tomorrow.

Our IT experts can provide answers when it comes to cloud solutions, cabling, and infrastructure. Our team conducts a thorough IT assessment to help your businesses with Network Planning, IT Implementation, and developing a total IT Support plan for their network infrastructure.  


24/7 IT Support

Keeran Networks’ qualified IT specialists work diligently to keep business operations running smoothly, providing assistance via a 24/7 IT support line and on-site support.

With the KeeranONE full business continuity discovery and implementation model, businesses can greatly improve their ability to operate in the face of disaster - thanks to the complete IT Support and Cloud Solution Network Monitoring, Disaster Recovery Solutions, and Infrastructure Design and Implementation solutions we provide.


Data Security

Businesses need a cost-effective IT strategy to ensure their IT is secure. Keeran Networks' technicians conduct a deep security and network assessment to ensure that our clients' IT is compliant, their data is secure, and stop cyberattacks before they can happen.

The qualified technicians from KeeranONE search for vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to malicious attacks or system hacks, as well as Backup and Disaster Recovery, and IT Security Audits.

Managed IT Services


Our team of highly qualified IT specialists work diligently so you can focus on running your business, helping you via a 24/7 IT support line and on-site support to protect against ransomware and help you whenever you need it.

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