Cloud computing has it’s benefits, but without being able to access your files and collaborate as a team while you’re sitting at home, you’re definitely losing out on those benefits. Implementing a collaborative initiative requires that important files are available from any device, and from anywhere, while still ensuring that your confidential data remains secure.

Microsoft Office 365 ensures that everything you need to conduct business is stored and accessed from the cloud securely. With consistent access to the newest versions of your favourite business productivity tools, you’ll never be without Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Onenote or Publisher.

Constant Sync: Shared calendars ensure that you know your team’s availability while on-the-go. Office 365 for mobile also ensures that your email, calendar, and contact info are always up-to-date so that you can access your message history from any device. These cloud based services allow your team to access their profile from up to 5 devices, and Office 365 for mobile ensures a seamless transition from your work PC, to your Android phone, to your Mac laptop..

Email: Your company needs business-forward email that clearly represents your brand. Microsoft 365 for enterprise allows up to 50GB of email storage per user, and the capability to send emails up to 25MB in size.

Better Conference Calls: You’re no longer chained to a phone line. Through your device, you’re even more connected than before through HD video conference calls and screen-sharing to clearly present your meeting topic. Add up to 250 people and choose voice, video, or send an instant message to collaborators outside your business through seamless Skype integration.

Collaborate Endlessly: Remember when collaborating on a document meant everyone sitting in a room while someone typed? Or even worse, the back and forth emails with multiple iterations that could easily get confused? Gone are those days.

With Microsoft Office 365, every document is autosaved via Cloud File Sharing to ensure that everyone’s looking at the most recent document.

Easy Administration Panel: Your easy-to-use admin center integrates seamlessly with your active directory, making it easy to manage user credentials and permissions. Add and remove users in minutes and never worry about updates, because they’re rolled out regularly.

Furthermore, every version of Microsoft Office 365 through Keeran Networks comes with 5 layers of security, including pro-active monitoring, software licensing, and IT support to ensure that your admin centre is set up and deployed so that you can start collaborating. Our trained technicians can ensure that Microsoft Office 365 is correctly hosted on your virtual servers for optimal uptime and reliability.