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27/4 Network Monitoring
in Vancouver, Edmonton, & Toronto

Effective network monitoring is a valuable tool to identify and address problems before they can disrupt your business, saving you time, money, and the shock of the unexpected.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring & Alerts

As business networks become more complex and decentralized, the importance of monitoring and controlling network activity is more invaluable than ever - it can be the difference between nipping a problem in the bud and being caught out by catastrophic downtime.

Keeran Networks is proud to employ dedicated network monitoring staff to ensure our clients receive unmatched expertise and support. In addition to our NOC analyst who implements proactive fixes, we also employ a technology alignment manager to review data and trends in order to propose practical solutions that reduce the occurrence of issues or tickets.

The result? A tangible improvement in network stability and reliability that contributes directly to workplace productivity and your bottom line.

Network Monitoring Identifies:

  • Slow or failing network components
  • Unresponsive components or servers
  • Server failure
  • Disk space running low
  • Unusual activity or trends.

Stay Ahead with Expert Troubleshooting

  • Reduce time spent identifying and diagnosing issues
  • Pinpoint issues to a specific device
  • Fix issues before end-users can even notice
  • Catch irregular issues or those that only occur at peak times
  • Use trend data to inform future IT strategy

Wondering What to Look for in a Managed Service Provider?

Keeran Networks knows that one of the biggest struggles for businesses today is staying current with advancing technology. If your IT team spends much of their time on the day-to-day maintenance of your systems, then it may be time to consider managed IT services.

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