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Meet the Keeran Family

Our team selflessly strives to put the client experience above all else. Get to know a little bit about the people behind the process.

Finance Team




What was your first computer?
My first computer was an NEC. But my second computer which was amazing was a black IBM Aptiva. I loved that machine.

Where did you go to school?
I went to high school at Old Scona and university at the University of Alberta and University of Toronto.

Who inspires you?
Visionaries like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and the Aga Khan.

Android or iPhone?
iPhone from day 1.

What do you listen to at work?
I listen to a lot of chillout and a group I love is RUFUS Du Soul.



Office Administrator

Where did you go to school?
University of Alberta for Forensic Anthropology.

What's your favorite game?
Anything Legend of Zelda.

Coffee or Tea?
Black Coffee all the way.

What's your ideal day off?
Curled up with a blanket, a coffee, and TV playing the scariest videos on Youtube.

What music do you listen to at work?
Anything by We Lost The Sea.

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