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The Keeran Networks Sales Team are business problem solvers. Get to know a little bit about the people behind the process.

Sales Team

Liam Scott
Liam Scott

Liam Scott

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

What was your first computer?
The first computer I ever used was my dad's big old beige desktop, and most importantly they were networked so you could play multi-player Doom 2.

Where are you from?
I've always been Albertan, though I've bounced around a bit within the province. Zama City, Lloydminster, and Edmonton.

What's your favorite game?
I love turn based strategy, so the Civilization series has had me hooked for a long time.

Coffee or Tea?

What's your ideal day off?
Going for a skate on a warm day, coming back home to cook dinner, then settling in to watch a movie from my collection.

Derek Pluim
Derek Pluim

Derek Pluim

Digital Marketing Specialist

What's your favourite game?
Bike Polo

What music do you listen to at work?
Portugal. The Man

Where did you go to school?
MacEwan University, UBC

Who inspires you?
My daughter.

Android or iPhone?

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