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Where do our employees come from?  

Our professional IT services team is proudly 100% Canadian. As our team grows, we are eager to personally introduce our expanding roster of IT professionals to our clients.


Are computers from the electronics store good enough for your business?

If you have ever wondered why it seems that computers suggested for professionals cost so much more than the ones you see at the store, it’s because the computers available in stores are consumer-grade. And they’re fine — for doing schoolwork, online shopping, and possibly some light gaming. But if you need a reliable computer that can perform, it is better to invest in business-grade IT hardware.

Consumer-grade computers normally do not contain the same materials and may not last the wear and tear of daily usage in a workplace environment. Our procurement team can help narrow down the best device for each user in your organization: from a general user to a designer or developer, up to the executive level.

Understanding these differences is why our IT hardware procurement department is here to help you. The main difference is that business-grade devices are built with higher quality parts and materials that have been tested and rated for daily use in the workplace. These commercially rated devices have been built for a longer lifecycle compared to their consumer-grade counterparts.  


Do we use the best antivirus on the market? 

There isn’t one best antivirus solution, so you don't need to be committed to the same product necessarily in three years if it is not the best thing anymore. Rather you need to understand that your business has different security needs than your home computer.  

Keeran Networks boosts enterprise-grade antivirus solutions and a Cisco security tech stack to match. We're always innovating and restructuring our cybersecurity platform to become the best, more secure platform in the world. When it comes to keeping our clients safe — it is more than just a matter of selecting the right antivirus.


How do we ensure that we can get the hardware you need at the best price?  

Our commitment to our customers means that we also ensure we can get the computer hardware you need at the best price. We’re able to do this because we have a procurement team that works to keep backup stock on hand, so you don’t need to wait or worry about availability or shipping delays. 

We are normally able to beat retail prices because we move a large volume of IT hardware. And we can leverage our size to get better discounts. As part of the service that we provide to our clients, we pass those savings onto you.


Do we close at 5 pm?

What happens if someone on my team has a computer problem and it’s after 5:00 pm? That is a frustrating place for any employee to be in. Some tech companies may not get back to you until the next day. Well, rest assured, our IT help desk does not close at 5:00 pm, we are there working whenever you are. That includes after-hours and weekends.


If you have a 24-hour business, what if you have an IT emergency?  

If I have a 24-hour business, what if you have an IT emergency? We understand there are systems that need to be online for your applications to work. Lawyers may need to be able to access their systems outside office hours, manufacturing plants cannot afford to go offline. Whatever your industry, we offer emergency IT support whenever any of our clients need it.


Is your current IT support slow to respond after-hours?

Have you noticed that your current IT provider has slower response times after hours? Are you really getting the 3 AM support that you were promised? It’s not every night that you need to open an IT ticket, but when you need it fixed to get something urgent done — it matters. Our 24/7 IT help desk heroes have your back around the clock.


How quickly can our team get on-site and do on-site visits cost extra? 

We have a Keeran mobile and an on-site resource that is available and included for all KeeranONE customers. Our focus is always on resolving the ticket in the most effective way possible. We will address all on-site tickets based on our prioritization system that ensures all issues get resolved in order of business circumstances.  

We have had emergency circumstances where our technical team started on Friday and was out on Sunday. Our on-site IT service team has proven themselves to be committed to the customer and dependable in their time of need.


What sort of proven expertise do we have with Microsoft products?

Our team has earned Microsoft Gold certifications, (which require proven hands-on experience from Microsoft), and we have extensive real-world experience with transitioning businesses to the cloud. We've carried out lots of Microsoft migration projects as well as moving clients to SharePoint. Including, getting their files all into OneDrive or doing an email migration from another provider. All of these activities build into our team’s Microsoft competencies. Our team is ready to assist your business with your cloud migration and you can feel confident in our certified experience to get it done right.


Do your employees use both a desktop and a laptop for work, will you get charged twice?  

No. We understand that some employees use more than one device, maybe they have a desktop and a laptop for work. That’s ok. Under our KeeranONE managed IT services we charge by user, not by the device (Even if it does sometimes cost us a little more for the software licenses required). We feel this is fair and part of our commitment to ensure that our customers can use the tools they are most comfortable with to do the work they need to do with it.


What happens if you have concerns with your billing? 

If you have any questions with your billing, we have a dedicated finance resource person who can help with any issues. We even have a secure online payment portal because we love our customers and strongly believe that payment shouldn’t be painful.


When do you have to pay for projects? 

If you are planning an IT hardware upgrade with us, don’t worry about having to pay for projects up front. We take a 50% deposit and bill labour gradually on a progress method.


Do you have to pre-pay for your computers? 

If you order Lenovo computers from us, you do not need to pre-pay for them. We order what you need and invoice once it arrives. There is no waiting and wondering if you need a product that we don’t have on hand.


Are new computers or parts included in our monthly bill?  

New computers and required parts are not included in our monthly billing. There are companies out there that will provide the computer for you and just put it into your monthly bill. This can sound like they're providing a great service, but realistically they're buying the cheapest parts, selling them to you at a high markup, and then they have a whole bunch of parts that they can just put in there when things break down. It is a great model (for them), but ultimately you own nothing. Then, if you were to switch providers, all your equipment leaves with it as well. 

When you purchase from Keeran Networks — you own that IT equipment. Whatever works best for your finances, we will help you own your own.


Who owns your servers? 

Some other managed IT companies want to control your data, and they will keep it on their own servers. We don’t like locking our customers into anything, that’s why we use the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. We believe Microsoft has the best cloud server ecosystem for small businesses. And should you ever choose to leave, the data is easily transferred because you always retain the keys to the castle on a universally recognized Microsoft product.


Need to keep your business data in Canada?

We understand that some companies, due to industry regulations, or the nature of their customer data require that their business information resides on Canadian soil. To accommodate this need we can arrange to store all your company data in Canada if it is required, just let our team know.


Do you have questions about our supported locations?

We can support customers all across Canada. We work with clients who have locations across North America. From big cities like Vancouver and Toronto in the West and East to smaller centers like Iqaluit and Dodge City in the North and South, we make sure all of your users feel looked after. Want to know if we can support your business locations, just ask us.


How does our team manage remote desktop access? 

Having remote desktop access for the purpose of IT help desk requests may be old news now. Anyone can provide you the remote desktop access you need, but is anyone providing you the right one, the most secure one for your needs? 

There are new remote desktop access methods that we can help your team take advantage of. Keeran Networks is proud to utilize Microsoft Azure virtual desktop tools. While this is our preference, our team is ever adaptable and can confirm the best product solution for your digital environment to be able to help you wherever and however we’re needed.


How much control do you have over what your staff can do with their work computers? 

Whatever business devices we're supporting, we need to be able to track all of the activity on them. There is nothing that can be hidden from us once our agent is on an employee’s computer. Granted, we do everything with security and communicate positivity — when we connect to your computer there is a big red line on the outbox to get your permission before we get in. We always take your privacy seriously — especially when we're logged into your computer.


What are our data backup practices?  

The team performs hourly local backups and has a nightly offsite team for cloud backups at our Keeran Data Center. Additionally, our team can perform successful data recoveries for nearly any virtual machine. Never fear, we've got your back-up.


When should you upgrade your network infrastructure or devices? 

It depends. Though we don’t just provide IT hardware procurement services. We provide a solution-based approach to upgrading your IT network and devices that work to solve your business challenges in order of business priority.


Do I still need a firewall if I want my team to work from the cloud?

You will get a $150 charitable donation in your name to the organization of your choice.


How often do I need to replace my network equipment? 

Firewalls and switches are expensive


If I let someone go from my team, how do you know to stop charging me for them?

You will get a $150 charitable donation in your name to the organization of your choice.


How do I know my data is safe if I get hit with a cyber-attack?

You will get a $150 charitable donation in your name to the organization of your choice.