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    Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends To Maximize Your ROI in 2020

    Cloud computing trends in 2020

    Cloud is not going to recede in importance anytime soon. 

    Use This 5 Step Approach For Building A Successful I.T. Disaster Recovery Plan

    Successful IT disaster recovery plan

    Have you ever lost data from your personal computer? It can be really annoying as well as time-consuming. But imagine the worry if you lose your data in a disaster, and your business does not even have a recovery plan in place.

    Stay Ahead of the Curve in Manufacturing with Cloud Technology

    Cloud for manufacturing business

    Cloud computing is continuing to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Most early adopters of the cloud in the manufacturing sector say that it plays a huge role in streamlining their operations and being more profitable. But, are you still contemplating whether or not to move your business and operational systems to the cloud?  

    Understanding Business Email Compromise Attacks and What can we do to Prevent Them

    AdobeStock_226008623 (1)

    Yet another kind of social engineering technique that exploits human tendencies – Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams are bothering corporate houses at a vast scale. The attackers send fraudulent emails to the targeted firm and ask employees to make unauthorized bank transfers.

    5 Ways to Ensure Successful Cloud Migration


    The cloud has been instrumental in driving the digital shift in the business world. Cloud computing is a critical enabler for innovation, customer experience, and cost reduction.

    5 Reasons Why Cloud Migrations Don't Go As Expected

    Why Cloud Migrations Fail

    Are the Most Common IT Disasters on your Radar?

    Common IT disasters

    Your business can recover from physical damage to real estate in a short time. But the data lost in damaged drives and servers can threaten the entire existence of your business. Is your recovery plan enough to get your business up and running against all — small and big IT disasters?

    4 Cybersecurity KPIs that Matter to CEOs

    Cybersecurity KPIs

    You know how your business is performing – probably. You know your business’ KPIs and how to read them: analyzing sales reports, profit and loss statements, and financial and operational ratios.

    Cyber-Risk Monitoring: Aligning Cybersecurity with the Business

    cyber-risk monitoring

    With the kind of budgets that companies allocate for IT, they expect high outputs from it. Cybersecurity is one of the most basic requests from their technology teams. Ironically, essential cybersecurity checks seem to miss in most IT plans, while companies try to capture too much from technology.

    National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Let’s Review How Cybersecurity Have Transitioned!

    Reviewing Cybersecurity

    It’s October, and it’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.