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    Cloud Computing: Explained

    Mar 6, 2018 10:17:32 AM Keeran Networks Cloud

    AdobeStock_83032898.jpegCurious or confused by people talking about “the cloud?” Do you know what it is, but unsure how it works? Keep reading for Keeran Networks’ crash course in cloud computing!


    Cloud computing can be broken down into two categories: front end and back end. The former is what you’re probably most familiar with: computers, tablets, smartphones and servers are all examples of the “front end” of the cloud. Most households and businesses these days have at least two of these devices, so it can be advantageous to network them together. Cloud storage goes one step further by allowing you to make changes and updates seamlessly across all of your networked devices. This is achieved by storing massive amounts of data on huge central servers  and sophisticated software-- known as the “back end.”


    The key to cloud computing is accessibility. Being able to access your essential data wherever you go is a significant advantage, especially without having to drag around a physical copy. From floppy disks to thumb-drives, we have seen many attempts over time to make moving data as easy possible. The cloud has surpassed all of these, except for in one way-- to properly make use of it, you must have a reliable internet connection.


    Smartphones popularized cloud computing mainly due to their portable nature. We began to store more and more data in these relatively delicate devices meaning that the phones were replaceable-- but the information was not! The industry responded to this by tailoring a cloud storage system to the needs of their customers, making it a repository for everything from your address book to your favourite playlist. Meanwhile, all types of businesses have embraced cloud computing as an essential tool, each in their own way. Not only can you make changes to one file and push it out to all of your team members, you can also monitor their usage from anywhere!


    While most cloud computing services are happy to provide encryption and other security measures, there is always a risk when sharing your data with a third party. Cloud storage only works based on the premise of multiple users working off of a central server-- this could result in compromised privacy or loss of control. Like anything, it is best not to put all your eggs in one basket-- all cloud users should have a hard copy of their information in case the worst should happen.

    The short article above is only a summary of the complex subject known as “cloud computing.” In fact, it is almost impossible to capture the whole picture in so few words due to the technological complexity. Keeran Networks understands that our clients do not want to spend time worrying about their tools, they just want them to work! If you are still unsure, feel free to contact or visit Keeran with any of your curiosities or concerns about cloud computing.  
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