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    Coming Together: The Keeran Family

    Jan 16, 2023 2:57:34 PM Keeran Networks Keeran Culture

    Keeran Christmas Party 2022

    As we step boldly into 2023, embracing new beginnings and new challenges ahead, we must also pause to reflect on the past year and take stock of how far we have come, not only as individuals but also as a collective.

    This past year was a banner year for the Keeran Team, marked by countless achievements and successes, and the addition of many new faces — and the return of some familiar ones.

    Bolstered by new client acquisitions in both Edmonton and Vancouver, we achieved record revenue numbers and were again recognized by the Globe & Mail as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies.

    In 2022, the world saw an exponential rise in the number of cyber incidents with malicious ransomware attacks wreaking havoc on all sizes of organizations. In order to stay ahead of the pack, we continued to aggressively invest in our security stack and in the knowledge and development of our team. Keeran is certainly well-positioned to be an industry leader in network security for many years to come.

    As our team continued to grow, one thing stayed constant. We remained a tight family – united by a shared purpose and our shared core values. Rarely would a day go by without a Kudos for selflessness or always being there to help. And that intrinsic desire to help others manifested in something even bigger. 2022 saw the launch of the employee-led “KeeranCares” initiative, a day in which our entire team came together to give back to our local community and help those in need.

    And despite the limited physical connectivity from hybrid and remote work, our KeeranCommunity continued to thrive, spearheaded by the launch of “Chai Connections”, along with our monthly staff socials, which featured cocktail-making classes, baseball games, mazes, summer picnics, and of course, our signature Winter Holiday Party.

    Without a doubt, one of the highlights of 2022 was our Winter Holiday Party, a truly unforgettable evening and a special opportunity to celebrate our entire team for their hard work and outstanding contributions.

    The setting of Boxer Kitchen and Bar provided a warm and welcoming ambiance and a respite from the Edmonton cold. After some lively conversation over craft cocktails and mocktails, we sat down to enjoy a delicious three-course meal.

    Our annual tradition of presenting the Keeran Awards continued in full form, as we enshrined three new names on the Keeran Wall of Fame. A well-deserved Ryan received the award for “Most Kudos,” recognized by his peers for living the Keeran values each day. Abbas Ali was recognized as this year’s “Ticket Crusher.” And Geet was the 2022 recipient of “Most Dedicated”, an award given to the employee who best demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his work and to the team.

    We also celebrated the birthday of our beloved Richard, another year older, another year wiser, and with a few more gray hairs in his beard.

    The evening closed with some inspiring words from our CEO Rishi, who reflected on his past 22 years at the helm of Keeran Networks. In his remarks, he shared that “where we are today is a testament to the dedication and commitment of each and every member of our Keeran Family. And as I look around the room and see so much talent and creativity, I am especially excited for the future we will chart together." 

    Henry Ford said that "coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

    If 2022 is any indication of what can be achieved when we work together then one can only imagine the heights we will reach in 2023 and beyond.


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    Keeran Holiday Party 2022_14

    Ryan won the award for most kudos.

    Keeran Holiday Party 2022_2_500x375

    A long view of the fun we had at Boxer.

    Keeran Holiday Party 2022_3

    Robert T. giving out gifts.

    Keeran Holiday Party 2022_9

    The leadership team announcing the winner of the kudos award.

    Keeran Holiday Party 2022_12

    Post-award celebrations with libations.


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