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    Keeran in the Community: A Day at Edmonton’s Food Bank

    Oct 19, 2022 4:45:00 PM Keeran Networks Cybersecurity

    The Keeran Team at the Edmonton Food Bank Oct 2022

    Last month saw the launch of an exciting new initiative aimed at giving back to our local community. On October 19, the entire Keeran Networks family rolled up its sleeves and came together to support vulnerable populations served by Edmonton’s Food Bank.

    Our team of volunteers was charged with the responsibility of building food hampers for families living with food insecurity. Over 150 boxes of food were assembled by our volunteers, providing food to over 75 families, many with children.

    Alberta commits $20 million to food banks, agencies struggling with inflation

    This new initiative from Keeran Networks comes as the Alberta Government announces new support recognizing the increasing need for local food bank services. Totalling 20 million in provincial funding, the first $5 million will be distributed to food banks in the coming weeks, while another $5 million is allocated for use in 2023.

    Alberta’s usage of food banks is the highest in the country, according to the government. Food Banks Alberta has 110 member food banks across the province.

    Our team from Keeran Networks received special thanks from the Edmonton Food Bank for our efforts to help alleviate the burden in our community.

    "Thank you for sending us such a great team of volunteers. They were all engaged, willing to do anything and they laughed at my jokes. We hope that you had a great time and came away with a happy heart knowing that you helped your community."

    - Virginia Pegg

    Volunteer Engagement Manager, Edmonton's Food Bank

    The CEO of Food Banks Alberta, Arianna Scott, said recently that “Food insecurity in Alberta is impacting 20 percent of our overall population. And we’re heading into the holiday season when we know financial pressures, utilities, and other costs will only continue to climb, so this funding comes at an important time.”

    The help that the food banks are receiving now is critical for food banks to meet the current demand. However there is still work to be done to address long-term, sustainable solutions to reduce food bank use in Alberta.

    To everyone who was there, thank you for being a part of our Keeran culture of caring.


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