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    The Next Big Thing for Construction Companies

    Sep 14, 2021 4:59:19 PM Keeran Networks Business IT

    Microsoft Integrated Security

    The most common challenge that we hear in the field is that construction jobs need to be connected to their VPN (a virtual private network) while on-site.

    With so many different job sites, they require remote access that can be moved to their new job sites easily and reliably. If the construction project is to be a success, it is important that everything is securely locked up and backed up.

    In an earlier post, we looked at cloud-based IT services for construction productivity. Throughout the building process, it is not helpful to have scattered data that isn’t readily available for critical decision-making. Poor communication of building updates has resulted in poor planning, delay in project delivery, inflation in project cost, and reduced profit on the job.

    The Next Big Thing in Microsoft Teams for Construction Companies

    Productivity and ease of communication matter. However, the security of your files is something that cannot be overlooked. Even teams working over email will get the job done eventually. But if you lose access to your building data that could stall the building project significantly.

    There are updates that come out periodically for Microsoft Teams and some of these updates are beneficial for certain industries. Of particular interest to construction companies, it is now possible to use Teams in Offline mode. This means users can browse recent Teams chats and channels and can also compose messages for sending later as well. This is a great feature for anyone on the move and in a hurry.

    Does Microsoft Teams work within a VPN?

    Yes, it does, Microsoft Teams works without a VPN connection. It also works when you have the VPN working with the split tunnel configuration. Office365 suite and Skype for business can both run well within a VPN.

    This is possible because Microsoft has redesigned their VPN platform, using split-tunneling configurations and new infrastructure that supports up to 500K simultaneous connections. The new design uses Windows 10 VPN profiles to allow auto-on connections, delivering a seamless experience for our users.

    Microsoft Integrated Security for Construction Companies

    Microsoft’s Integrated Security delivers an intelligent, unified enterprise defense solution that provides comprehensive protection against attacks. This 360-degree approach reduces costs, effectively secures public/private cloud environments, and leverages the world’s largest, most trusted, and most committed security presence.

    Microsoft Integrated Security takes a holistic approach to secure your organization’s IT and data environment across 4 key areas:

    1. Identity & Access Management,
    2. Protection against threats,
    3. Safeguarding of data-at-rest and in-transit, and
    4. Comprehensive visibility and control over your security ecosystem.

    This integrated approach provides several critical benefits for your organization. The reduction in costs with an integrated solution is what many executives are interested in.
    Yet it is the ability to protect against every intrusion scenario by consolidating to a single provider (Microsoft) and a dashboard that makes it possible to eliminate extra IT security infrastructure. This rigid security is the foundation of the Microsoft Teams suite of cloud tools.

    Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Construction Management

    When you add Microsoft 365 to your toolbelt, you harness decades of security experience with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection. The easy-to-use Azure Security center dashboard empowers you to take ownership of your data security through threat-level monitoring with up-to-the-moment feedback. Azure Sentinel is the birds-eye view across the enterprise with AI that makes threat detection and response smarter and faster.

    • Empower coordination of protection, detection, response, and prevention across both Microsoft and 3rd party solutions on one platform
    • Securely manage ID & Access across devices
    • Secure hybrid environments effectively
    • Protect against other cloud and on-premises infrastructure as organizations move to public clouds
    • Reinforce and keep pace with growth in security data
    • Accelerate security outcomes while reducing hardware and operational costs
    • Employ the world’s largest and most trusted security presence
    • Best in class across five security solutions categories
    • Trust resources that process a greater volume of data than anywhere else
    • Fight against threats with config monitoring, EDR, application control, network segmentation (with support extending to container and serverless workloads)
    How Microsoft Integrated Security Protects Company Data

    Microsoft integrated security within Microsoft Teams apps guards the front door. No matter where you’re accessing from, it will help you to protect your organization. No matter where you’re coming in, it will be the first line of defense to protect your organization. This is a great asset for construction project management.

    Microsoft has heavily invested in making its security simple and robust. Why? Because if the tools are not easy to use, users will bypass any protection. Passwords are not sustainable, they’re weak and they’re not the best form of authentication. It has been said that the opposite of security is convenience.

    The role of our team at Keeran Networks is to make sure that the experience is convenient and yet secure. We understand that security needs to be ‘almost’ invisible but not completely unseen, otherwise, you wouldn’t know if your security has been breached. We need to get indications that we’re protected. We find the balance that is right for your organization. Our team can also provide guidance to help your company safeguard credentials – privileged and non-privileged ones.

    Cloud-based tools make securely accessing building data at the job site simple. Get started with the help of the experienced team at Keeran Networks. Get in touch with us here.

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