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    Reliable IT Services During COVID-19

    May 1, 2020 4:30:00 PM Keeran Networks Business IT

    With the uncertainty that has arisen with COVID-19 in regards to our health and the economy, we want you to know that Keeran Networks is here for you.

    Keeran Networks remains dedicated to our mission of ensuring companies can rely on their IT so they can focus on their business. The fact that more people are working from home than ever before has only made the importance of that mission more apparent. We continue to focus on ensuring both the health and well-being of our employees, our clients, and all those we encounter in our work.

    As IT support has been deemed by the government to be an essential service, we have continued to operate through all phases to provide remote and on-site service to both clients and prospects based upon their needs. While our office doesn't have the same number of smiling faces in it anymore, the full team continues to deliver on our commitment to keeping businesses running in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto. 

    Here are some of the steps we're taking behind the scenes to provide consistent service:

    Remote workforce, and remote work
    Our employees have been sent home with their company equipment to continue working effectively while reducing their contagion risks. We have always solved client issues remotely when possible to reduce the resolution time for issues, and that practice now allows us to avoid unnecessary close interactions. As this is something we have done for many years, our security solution did not have to be modified on short notice, which allows us to have confidence that your network will stay secure while accessed remotely.

    Scheduling and performance of on-site work
    Some things just can't be fixed from afar and need a technician in the room to get the problem solved. We will always coordinate with a member of your team before sending someone to your location and follow your Covid protocols, or our own, erring to the stricter side in all instances. 

    While on-site our technicians will observe all provincial guidelines regarding physical distancing, mask-wearing, and surface hygiene. If you have your own specifics to be followed at your location please communicate that to our on-site coordinator in advance of the scheduled appointment.

    Migrating clients to the work from home solution right for them
    Our ability to continue working only matters insofar as we can deliver the same experience for our clients. Keeran Networks has multiple WFH options to fit your company no matter the industry. Whether you can transition to fully remote operations, require a balanced hybrid, or have an essential service that needs to be carried out from your office, we have the combination of expertise, tools, and staff to keep your team safe, secure, and productive. 

    Supporting Your Business
    Ultimately, Keeran Networks is here for you whether we have a pre-existing relationship or not. With the increased pressures on all businesses now is a time to be there to prop each other up. Technology shouldn't be another problem stacked on top of everything else you face already, and if it's something we can help with, please reach out. Our mission remains the same, and more relevant than ever: to guide, connect, and protect all those that we can.

    Find Keeran Networks IT support and managed IT services in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and surrounding areas. Should you have more questions about Keeran Networks IT service model or about our IT services during the COVID-19 response, please reach out to our team directly.

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    Written by Keeran Networks