Stay Ahead of the Curve in Manufacturing with Cloud Technology

    Dec 6, 2019 3:16:00 PM Keeran Networks Cloud for Manufacturing Business

    Cloud computing is continuing to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Most early adopters of the cloud in the manufacturing sector say that it plays a huge role in streamlining their operations and being more profitable. But, are you still contemplating whether or not to move your business and operational systems to the cloud?  

    From the last several years, manufacturing companies have seen unprecedented growth in their operations on a global scale — thanks to cloud computing

    The industry is changing, and so are its requirements. Plus, there's a continuous shift in customer demands. You now need shorter product cycles and time to market schedules. Moreover, manufacturers need to be more efficient and ensure the highest quality. 

    That starts with IT. While traditional IT is very expensive to acquire and cumbersome to set up, the cloud is more affordable and easier. And, the scope for scalability in the cloud solves the problem of provisioning new servers, computing resources and applications. It saves a lot of your crucial time and money, speeding up your innovation projects. 

    So, manufacturing companies embracing cloud computing are sure to stay ahead of the curve in seizing business opportunities. The value rendered through the cloud further fortifies your customer relationship and growth, if you’ve experienced a successful cloud migration

    Cloud Benefits Across the Value Chain 

    While often, companies in the manufacturing industry don't have a reputation for using cutting-edge technology, many manufacturers are getting ahead by using cloud technology — including ERP platforms — in strategic ways. Notably, many of these companies are achieving goals that once seemed unattainable. Let's discuss how cloud computing provides immense potential across the different aspects of the manufacturing value chain. 

    Efficient Product Development 

    For manufacturers with a global scale of operations, cloud computing serves as an essential enabler for online collaboration. You can connect anywhere, anytime, and access data through the advent of cloud-based solutions — ensuring a seamless product development environment and a shorter time to market. 

    The cloud reduces the costs of product development. In fact, the emergence of cloud-enabled crowdsourcing platforms presents a mechanism to integrate customer ideation into product development more efficiently. 

    Real-time Data Analysis 

    Cloud computing gives you vital data. You're able to receive aggregation of critical operational metrics such as OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), capacity utilization, etc., on the shop floor. 

    That data sheds light on the performance of machines on a real-time basis — enabling provisional decision making. Additionally, cloud-based ERP systems can provide inventory data, job orders, scheduling and capacity planning data on a real-time basis, reducing delays and inaccuracy.  

    Supply Chain Visibility  

    The extremely volatile nature of the supply chain makes it imperative for manufacturing companies to have real-time visibility of their supply chain. If your business is looking to engage on a real-time basis with your suppliers, vendors or customers, the cloud provides features like dynamic provisioning, high availability and remote access. Also, you can mitigate the volatility of market demands as you can scale your operations up and down with the cloud.  

    Customer Experience  

    Customer experience plays an essential component in the manufacturer's growth strategy. You can harness the capabilities of the cloud to aggregate customer data from multiple channels. This provides a unified view of your customers. Cloud-based CRMs and CSS portals accelerate your level of engagement with the customers, leading to better customer experience. 

    Want to stay agile in the face of constantly changing market demands? Get in touch with our team to understand how manufacturers can leverage cloud technology for more profitability. 

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