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    Taking Manufacturing to the Cloud: Top 5 Benefits

    Mar 24, 2022 10:45:00 AM Keeran Networks Business IT, Feature

    Taking Manufacturing to the Cloud Top 5 Benefits2021 disrupted manufacturing with massive shocks to supply chains, revenues, and jobs. Modernizing operations for Industry 4.0 is key to staying ahead, but compressed transformation timelines are both disruptive and daunting.

    We’re on the brink of the next wave of industrial progress. Cloud manufacturing — software and infrastructure that allows manufacturing to be done across networks — offers a leap forward, transforming the production of goods and addressing long-term challenges like visibility into factory operations and slow production.

    Working with cloud consulting companies offers businesses a range of benefits that are useful—even transformative—for operations and provide value for the future of the organization.

    Let’s look at the top benefits of taking manufacturing to the cloud.

    1. Simple & Speedy Implementation: The cloud significantly reduces the cost of deployment, for obvious reasons—such as virtually eliminating the need to go through the entire IT infrastructure process, from design to approval to procurement to installation. Or improving the consistency of your implementation and streamlining the business practices by creating standardization across the entire operation. 
    2. Ease of Use/Management: The key to the cloud’s role in manufacturing’s transformation is in the elimination of the mundane. If technology professionals continue spending upwards of 90% of their time on housekeeping tasks, like maintenance and patching, they cannot feasibly focus on more interesting and business-oriented missions, like data-driven analytics, Industry 4.0, robotics, and customer experience. A cloud-based solution that uses a single pane of glass to deliver network insight into automated tasks—one that allows the rapid deployment of assets across a diverse workforce—allows the team to focus on the tasks that drive revenue and productivity.
    3. Security: Security is another advantage of cloud-based software. With much mission-critical information being stored on the cloud-based system, including employee information, clients, and accounting information, data security becomes crucial. With cloud-based systems, all the information is securely stored in the cloud and your data remains protected in different offsite servers with 24X7 security that integrates several layers of redundancy. Cloud-based solutions for manufacturing from reputed vendors have stringent standards in place to ensure data safety. Potential buyers can also have a third-party conduct a security audit. With cloud storage, the stress and hassles of running out of storage space are also easy to mitigate.
    4. Increased Uptime: The cloud provides greater availability than an on-premises solution. One obvious reason for this is no more upgrades. Instead, cloud technology offers updates. The cloud enables your users to always have the latest-and-greatest version of the software at their disposal. Whenever the software is improved, everyone benefits by getting the updates right away.
    5. Seamless System Integration: Cloud-based manufacturing software is web-oriented. And so, data accuracy and integration are greatly enhanced. Advanced technology is undeniably better than older, on-premise software systems that are less accurate and lack integration.

    Manufacturing has a bright future, and that future is playing out now with cloud manufacturing. Companies that embrace new ideas and adapt to changing technology have always been the ones that stand out. As our world evolves to take advantage of the latest manufacturing technologies, the winners of this era will be those with the most transformational, innovative solutions to enhance digital connectivity and production. Cloud manufacturing jump-starts this journey, creating new opportunities to pursue.

    For manufacturers, making the move to the cloud doesn’t need to be a daunting task. As a Cisco partner Keeran Networks offers solutions to help you get where you need to be. If you want to learn more about cloud-managed manufacturing be sure to check out the IT services we offer here.

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