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    Keeran Networks Tech Corner | January 2023

    Jan 16, 2023 3:32:45 PM Keeran Networks Tech Corner

    CES 2023 Flying Car_700x378

    What Caught Our Attention at CES 2023

    There were a lot of exciting new developments at CES 2023.

    Here are the top four that caught our attention!

    1. Flying car

    Powered by electric batteries backstopped by a small gas engine, the four-seat prototype on display in Las Vegas is about the same size as a large SUV, but topped with large wings sporting propellers like a helicopter. It fits in a conventional parking space and needs an area about the size of a helipad for vertical takeoff or landing. It can be charged at home or conventional EV stations and its gas engine, which can provide an additional 50 miles of range, is powered by premium gasoline. 


    2. Colour changing car

    This idea makes use of the most recent Prism 3 film technology from E Ink, which is completely programmable and designed to have low power usage for sustainability. Tiny microcapsules are part of a film coating on the car, and when electricity is supplied, they alter their hues. Additionally, because Prism 3 may be produced in any shape, the possibilities for industrial design are essentially limitless.

    BMW's designs leverage technology created by the US-based E Ink Corporation, the company that created several smartwatches and e-readers. Tiny microcapsules are part of a film coating on the car, and when electricity is supplied, they alter their hues. Although there have been many uses for E Ink throughout the years, according to BMW, it was created and coded specifically for the automotive industry.

    3. 8k Samsung projector

    The Premiere is a Samsung ultra-short throw projector with 8K resolution. It's a modernized version of the 2020's 4K Premiere, a solitary box that fits on a small table underneath and a few inches away from your wall or screen. It can produce images up to 150 inches across using specialized lenses and video processing.


    4. Dell's new game controller

    The goal here is to fill the space between a gamepad and a keyboard. PC gamers have access to far more inputs thanks to hotkey configurations than they have on standard gamepads, which frequently only feature a d-worth pads of possibilities. For example, players can switch between six or seven rifles in a first-person shooter instead of the two or three that console gamers are frequently restricted to. They can also use a wider variety of attacks in MMOs and first-person shooters.

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