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    Wherever you have electronics, you will inevitably find a tangle of wires leading to and from every device. To be fair, this issue has been largely solved with wireless solutions-- but often there is no substitution for hardwiring your devices to one another. If detangling a knot of holiday lights sounds like a fun afternoon, feel free to skip this article. If you are like most of us, keep reading for a handy guide to efficient cable management in your office setting.


    Plan it out 

    Like many of life’s problems, a complicated electronics setup can be easier to solve if you write out your thoughts. Whether you prefer an analog or a digital approach-- you can sketch out a plan just as easily with pen-and-paper or a whiteboard, as you can with a tablet or even a simple text document. Itemize the devices and their related cables, soon enough the mountain will seem like a molehill.

     Choose your accessories
    One quick browse through the “cable management” departments of online retailers or brick-and-mortar stores, you will see just how many alternatives there are on the market. Plastic, locking cable ties can be tied around small bundles and the extra length can be trimmed off to suit a tight fit. Fabric fasteners and sleeves can be a good choice if you need to rearrange cables fairly on a regular basis.

    Prioritize and label
    Use tape or adhesive labels to identify each bundle of cables-- colour-coding is a good alternative to avoid legibility issues. Choose the type of fastener or sleeve by how often you may need to access and change the cord’s position. Leaving it plugged in forever? Secure it confidently with a cable tie. Swapping connections often? Use a soft wrapping or something similarly flexible.

    Invest in hardware
    Again this is a field that does not lack for variety and degrees of quality. Surge protectors and cable hubs should be scaled to the value of the devices that are connected-- cheap printers do not face the same risks as high-end processors. Cables themselves are produced in a wide range of qualities and shielding thresholds, invest in them as you would any important equipment.

    The wireless route
    Tired of cables altogether? Thanks to modern innovations, it is easier than ever to cut back on the amount of hardwiring you need-- even for the most sophisticated equipment! Internet connectivity, sound, keyboard/mouse input and even power for charging can be delivered over the open air. These devices have never been more affordable and effective, though standards are constantly being updated.

    The five tips above are a good start, but the professionals here at Keeran Networks have years of experience to help you if there any questions or concerns.

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